A brake for the electricity payer

A brake for the electricity payer

It should start much earlier, with the "energy monitoring" project in the county and the city of coburg. Then came the mabnahme to contain the coronavirus. They are not yet history, but the easing is enough for coburg stadt und land aktiv gmbh, which is behind the project, to start phase one now.

Within the framework of the "energy monitoring" project coburg stadt und land aktiv gmbh, together with energieforum coburg, was looking for three private test households that would be accompanied by professional energy consultants over a period of two years. These have been found in the meantime, as tobias gruber from coburg stadt und land aktiv gmbh explained on thursday.

The "energy monitoring" project wanted to get to the bottom of the electricity bill. The energy consultant creates an energy consumption profile during on-site appointments with the residents in the household, carries out regular measurements and analyzes the consumption. "By collecting and analyzing consumption data in the test households, we wanted to create awareness of energy consumption. The monitoring activities not only help the participating households to derive everyday optimization measures and ultimately energy savings for the household", tobias gruber at the beginning of the project.

Participation is free of charge for the test households. "We are looking for households with different household structures – for example, single households as well as family households, households that rent or own their homes – in order to make the results of the project accessible to a broad public and to motivate not only the participating households to save energy", explains stefan hafner from energieforum coburg.

"Climate protection and the energy turnaround are not just buzzwords to be taken care of by the big politicians", stresses district administrator sebastian straubel (CSU). Instead, everyone should think about what they really need. And even small things can make a difference – for example, not putting laundry in the dryer but hanging it on the line, or not leaving appliances on standby. The experience gained in the test homes should be made available to all burghers and make them aware of the issue. Coburg’s mayor dominik sauerteig (SPD) is convinced that sustainable regional development is good for climate protection. Its consequences could be recognized by everyone in the meantime. It was therefore necessary to save energy and reduce the emission of greenhouse gases. Everyone should contribute to this as best they can within their own four walls.

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