Arrest because of possible plan for attack in karlsruhe

Arrest because of possible plan for attack in karlsruhe

Police arrested a man in karlsruhe who allegedly planned an attack there and supported the terror militia islamic state (IS).

The 29-year-old dasbar W. Is strongly suspected of having prepared a serious crime endangering the state, the attorney general announced. The man was arrested in karlsruhe on wednesday.

According to initial findings by investigators, he had considered using a vehicle to attack the stands around the ice rink on karlsruhe’s schlossplatz square. From the end of august 2017, he had scouted out the locations around the karlsruhe castle. Since september he had unsuccessfully applied for a job as a driver at various parcel services. According to the federal prosecutor’s office, the suspect is a native german.

The man is to be brought before the investigating judge of the federal supreme court on thursday. The special forces of the police on wednesday also searched the apartment of the terror suspect. W. Alleged to have supported the IS in several cases and also to have been a member of the terrorist militia.

He is accused of creating propaganda videos and distributing them on several internet platforms. In a chat group, he motivated others "in the sense of the ideology of the terrorist organization", according to the federal prosecutor general. In 2015 and 2016, the man allegedly traveled to iraq and joined IS. He had been trained in firearms and had scouted out possible targets for the militia in the iraqi city of erbil.

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