Bad bocklets municipality increases material cost subsidy

Bad bocklets municipality increases material cost subsidy

In july, the johannisverein aschach, as the sponsor of the local kindergarten, requested a subsidy from the municipality for the partial renewal of a 42-meter wooden fence that runs directly along the banks of the aschach river. The most favorable of the offers obtained by the association amounts to 4821 euros. According to a guideline issued by the bishop’s finance chamber in 2017, the chamber would only be willing to cover 20 percent of the costs after deducting state subsidies. As a result, the municipality had to bear 80 percent of the total cost, which in this case amounted to 3856 euros. There will be no subsidies from the state, chamberlain patrick konen informed the local council.

Mayor andreas sandwall (CSU) explicitly criticized the unilateral decision of the episcopal ordinariate to take over only 20 percent without having negotiated this with the municipality. In the new construction of the play and storage hall, the municipality had also only taken over just under 27 percent of the costs by decision of the municipal council. "We also have to treat both kindergartens in the municipality equally."

Not a typical tree removal

The partial renewal of the property fence over a length of 42 meters is, in the opinion of the municipal administration, in any case an inspection of the current maintenance and not a typical tree inspection, continued konen his presentation. For ongoing maintenance and repair work, however, an annual material cost subsidy of 1000 euros has been paid to both kindergartens under church sponsorship up to now. In addition, there is a heating subsidy of 2300 euros for the aschach kindergarten and 2530 euros for the bockelt kindergarten.

In order to avoid similar requests for subsidies in the future, the mayor and chamberer therefore proposed to the council that this annual material cost subsidy be significantly increased to 3500 euros as early as 2019. From these funds, the kindergartens have to finance all the current maintenance and upkeep, either in part or in total, depending on their commitment. Only for tree removals that fall under article 10 of the bavarian financial equalization act (FAG), i.E. That have been declared eligible for subsidies by the state of bavaria and exceed the triviality threshold of currently 100,000 euros, can the two sponsoring associations continue to apply for subsidies, which are decided on a case-by-case basis. In addition, the administration proposed to the council to briefly review the appropriateness and level of the heating allowance.

Unanimously rejected

Due to this new regulation, which is valid with immediate effect, and which was expressly and unanimously supported by the municipal council through verbal contributions in the meeting, the current subsidy application of the johannisverein aschach was also unanimously rejected. The proposal to review the heating subsidy for both kindergartens was also unanimously approved by the council.

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