Bird conservation report shows light and shade

Bird conservation report shows light and shade

But in the past twelve years, a third of the bird species in the population have also declined. "Mainly affected are species of the agricultural landscape, such as the lapwing and partridge," the federal agency explained on data from the "national bird conservation report 2019".

The development is mainly due to the intensification of agriculture, she said. Considerable efforts are still needed to protect the local birdlife. The percentage of breeding birds with decreasing numbers in the last twelve years is much higher than in the period of the last 36 years. "This shows that the pressure on bird populations has continued to grow."

The bird protection report is submitted to the EU commission every six years. It contains data on 251 breeding, 68 wintering and 34 migratory bird species. The data is based on nationwide monitoring, which includes data from voluntary and official nature conservation agencies. A europe-wide report is compiled from the reports of the individual EU member states.

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