Breakfast: a hippo gets naked

breakfast: a hippo gets naked

What happened over the weekend? There was rough tennis. Angelique kerber – our heroine and natural new facebook friend. No sooner had she become a friend than a small film appeared on the internet – a betting lottery. Serena williams’ vanquisher had promised to go swimming in melbourne’s yarra river if she won.

The immediate bathespab was historic: the last victory by a german in a grand slam tournament was 6082 days ago. It was in 1999, when a certain steffi graf last succeeded in doing this. We were ubrigens at that time also already fingernail chewing before the television – but that gives probably again none away.

Rough was once again the order of the day at the carnival in veitshochheim. Praise from all corners. Just because of the naked amanda. Horst seehofer, on the other hand, was dressed, once again going out dressed as horst seehofer. The bird was shot by markus soder as edmund stoiber. If it doesn’t work out with the aspired father of the state, soder should definitely try his luck as a double in television.

The disguise of some of the others seemed a bit strange. While people everywhere warn people to do without anything that looks like a gun during carnival, the exact opposite happened in veitshochheim: justice minister winfried bausback, of all people, was out and about as old shatterhand with a powerful shotgun, and interior minister joachim herrmann played the gun-loving sheriff.

In contrast, district administrator tamara bischof was completely harmless; her disguise as a bocksbeutel caused at most a small buzz.

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