Bus ticket instead of driver’s license: those who hand in their driver’s license now get an annual ticket

Bus ticket instead of driver's license: those who hand in their driver's license now get an annual ticket

Exchange action in bayreuth – bus ticket for driver’s license: the city of bayreuth takes up a suggestion from the seniors’ advisory council: citizens who are over 60 years old and voluntarily hand in their driver’s license can use public transportation in the city of bayreuth free of charge for one year. A free annual ticket is intended to make the decision easier for long-time car drivers and to create incentives for the use of public transport.

The change is easy: those who surrender their driver’s license irrevocably to the driver’s license office and declare their voluntary waiver will receive a voucher. This can be redeemed within six weeks at the customer center of bayreuth’s public utility company for an annual ticket valid for twelve months.

The city of bayreuth is making a maximum of 100 vouchers available for the exchange campaign until the end of the year. There is a comparable offer in bamberg. Our editor, sven dorr, thinks little of it: "the municipal utilities are making it too easy for themselves with their offer.

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