The dissatisfied satisfied – steinmeier visits pulsnitz

the dissatisfied satisfied - steinmeier visits pulsnitz

The old town is spruced up, the unemployment rate is low, and it is home to many small companies and craft businesses – there are cities in eastern germany that are far worse off than pulsnitz in saxony.

"If you look at the paperwork, this is a city where you really had to say: everything is fine," frank-walter steinmeier stated on wednesday. "If you look at the election results, you can see that there is dissatisfaction in the city." The election results – that were last seen in the state elections on 1. September 29.8 percent for the afd.

The federal president and his wife elke budenbender drove to the town, which has a population of around 7500 and is located 25 kilometers northeast of dresden, to find out where this mood comes from.