Cover on it at “deckel drauf

Cover on it at 'deckel drauf

On 1. In july 2016, a private group of friends in kronach launched the “lid on it” collection campaign and thus gave the starting signal for the worldwide initiative in upper franconia as well. “I saw a report on television in february 2016 and thought, “we have to support this, klaus stengl looks back. Upper franconia was still a white spot on the map at that time.

Seven schools

The “lid on” campaign started with six public collection points and seven schools in kronach, soon followed by kulmbach. “After one year, we had collected one million plastic lids at over 30 collection points in the counties of kronach, kulmbach, lichtenfels and coburg.”

The recyclable plastic caps from beverage bottles or tetra packs were collected, sorted and donated to aid organizations in the third world, which used them to finance polio vaccinations for children and young people. A total of 12,000 children, and after the bill gates foundation tripled the number of children collected, as many as 36,000 children could be vaccinated against polio thanks to the regional collection results.

Exemplary participation

A figure that also makes the helpers in kulmbach proud, especially at the workshop for handicapped people (wfbm) in schmeilsdorf. “The residents of the schmeilsdorf house took part in the campaign in an exemplary manner and with great enthusiasm”, praised klaus stengl. They drove to the main collection station in kulmbach again and again and sorted the lids – and not everything they found belonged in the collection bins.

“Some lids were just too rough, but we also found razors, beer lids, sandwiches and even batteries”, said daniel groh. He and jorg panzer, both residents of the schmeilsdorf house, have been involved from the very beginning.

“We were very happy to do that”, panzer emphasized, and groh added: “we were able to help children protect themselves from an incurable disease. It”s good that there are campaigns like this and that many people participate.” he only regretted that the collection campaign was discontinued in june of this year. “This is due to the falling price of raw materials, which means that you no longer get as much money as before for the plastic lids”, said jens schuwald from the technical service of wfbm schmeilsdorf, who was responsible for the initiative in kulmbach. “Furthermore, there is an EU regulation according to which the caps must soon be firmly attached to the bottle.” nationwide was on 30. June deadline.

The collected lids were all put to a new use and started a second life as composters or garden benches.

The initiative"s thanks go to the numerous helpers, supporters and collectors, who finally put in a real final spurt in terms of willingness to collect. "Our campaign was so successful that we didn’t do any more offensive advertising, otherwise we wouldn’t have been able to manage everything logistically", said klaus stengl.

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