Curiosities from the homeland

Curiosities from the homeland

The summer festival of the association for horticulture and home cultivation on the schaffer meadow proved to be a magnet for visitors over the weekend. Chairman kurt heid and fritz gensler, the chairman of the association ring, were satisfied. The musical framework was provided by the diebacher blaskapelle (brass band).

One of the highlights was the curiosity show of old household, garden and agricultural equipment. These devices were attached to the edge of the table and operated by hand crank. Several decades ago, cherries were pitted, beans were chopped and nuts were ground in this way. Many seniors came to this exhibition and remembered their youthful days. The purpose of the old sheet metal form with lid seems to have been clarified. Heid received a convincing hint from the village people: it is obviously a pudding mold. A recipe was supplied at the same time. At that time, leftover bread was also used, because nothing was thrown away in these meager times.

The enthusiastic participants of the herb hike were able to learn that health grows in front of the house. The knowledgeable herb fairy ingrid bold from neuwirtshaus then gave a demonstration lesson, which the 30 or so participants were able to enjoy to the full. They tasted samples of homemade herb butter, tested a tasty herb spread, and were amazed at how easy it is to make herb salt. The stalk of a yarrow can serve as a decorative spit, on which kasestuckchen and small tomatoes are lined up.

Soon maria himmelfahrt will be celebrated. And so the listeners were grateful for ingrid bold’s advice on how to make the herb bushes that are traditionally consecrated by the priest on this holiday. The thanks was given by the local representative elisabeth assmann (grune / alliance 90) for the intensive use of herbs.

A number of diebacher were busy helping to provide their guests with food and drink. The barbecue, the cake counter, and the pub were busy at times.

Questions were asked about the overman-sized wooden figure that stood next to the old tractors, the motor-driven earth sieve and the historic potato washing plant. "This figure is to be placed at the saale", gensler told the newspaper. One waits at present still for the official permission. The wooden figure is to remind of those historical times, when the salt transports went over the diebacher bridge. "Because here the bridge tariff was the most favorable", declared heath. The topic of tolls is obviously not new.

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