Dihk wants to abolish health fund again

Dihk wants to abolish health fund again

The DIHK is no longer willing to accept that contribution payers are not benefiting from premium cuts despite the current surplus of around 20 billion euros – and is therefore calling for legislative consequences in a paper obtained by the "handelsblatt" and the news agency dpa. Since 2009, all health insurance funds have been subject to a standard contribution rate of 15.5 percent. This is detrimental to the competition. The health insurers also see it this way.

"The statutory health insurance funds should once again be able to set their contribution rates individually, so that cost differences between them once again become more easily visible," deputy managing director achim dercks told the newspaper. "This stimulates competition and insured persons and companies benefit from clear price signals."

In the long term, the DIHK calls for the introduction of a capitation fee independent of income. In view of the growing number of people receiving benefits and the shrinking number of people paying contributions, the current wage-dependent system would inevitably lead to rising contribution rates. This can be prevented only by a lump sum premium. SPD, left and green parties reject this as antisocial, because it would mean that a janitor and his director would have to pay the same amount for health insurance.

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