Eight became 24 years

Eight became 24 years

After 24 years in office, norbert schneider’s term of office as chairman of the riedenberg music association has now come to an end. "At that time, I had been appointed for a maximum of two terms of office, i.E. Eight years. I hadn’t planned for it to last 24 years, says norbert schneider. Nevertheless, it was mostly fun and together with his board members they had also achieved a lot, he emphasized.

After many years as rehearsal nomads by gasthauser and the gymnasium, it succeeded with the conversion of one of the empty houses in the children’s village to a music home to give the club a home. The "buttenabende" were to become more and more important during this time. He found the dissolution of the marching band a pity. With the organization of the two anniversaries for the 40th and 50th anniversary of the music association, there were two major festivities to organize. Only recently was the 50. The association’s 50th birthday was celebrated with a four-day festival at the berghaus and stretched all board members, musicians and numerous helpers to their limits. Now he handed over the office to younger hands.

34-year-old florian leimbach, who has been deeply rooted in the association since his childhood, agreed to take over the first chairmanship of the association. Eight years he had previously served as 2. Chairman and very familiar with the music club business. His office was now taken over by jasmin hornung. "I only took over the first chairmanship because I know that I have an excellent board team behind me and that all the tasks are distributed over several shoulders, florian leimbach declared in his inaugural address. The executive board team continues to consist of the 1. Treasurer klaus schumm, the 2. Treasurer wilfried helfrich, 1. Secretary katharina klug, 2. Secretary christian hergenroder and conductor andreas schumm. " There is very close cohesion among the musicians and i can count on the help of everyone", leimbach continued.

He now wants to pay special attention to recruiting young musicians and organize an instrument performance in the fall to which every child, young person or adult is invited.

As his first official act, he presented outgoing chairman norbert schneider with a farewell gift in the form of a coarse motif cake depicting his instrument, the coarse drum, decorated with the club’s coat of arms.

Conductor andreas schumm was pleased about the return of two new members to the ranks of the musicians, who support the low brass register. Two up-and-coming musicians are also on their way to integration in the band. He sees an urgent need for an increase in the trumpet register, as it often gets crowded here during the week due to work commitments.

In its cash report, 1. Treasurer klaus schumm open the finances of the club and could report a profit of about 2000 euro. Rebekka schneider and franziska seuring audited the cash register and found it to be in order. The board of directors could be relieved. Maike schaab was elected as the new treasurer.

The next and last date of the jubilee celebrations is already on the 27th of june. July with the performance of sebastian reich and amanda. After that, as a reward, the musicians will go on a trip to the far north in the autumn.

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