Fc is not afraid of a little pressure

Fc is not afraid of a little pressure

FC 05 schweinfurt – SV wacker burghausen (tuesday, 7 p.M.)

It can happen so quickly: SV wacker burghausen was considered one of the favorites for the title, but after two games it has zero points. So the upper bavarians come to willy-sachs-stadion as a battered boxer – which doesn't make it any easier for the schweinfurt team, which also stumbled with a 0-0 draw in furth. "We have to be very careful", FC-05 coach timo wenzel warns on the one hand, but also says: "we don't look to the left and don't look to the right. We have a goal and are mercilessly pursuing it."

So it doesn't matter that with turkgucu munchen, the supposedly toughest competitor has carved out the first two-point lead of the still young season. Not no matter, however, how wenzel's team has let these two payers lie. "We were not good. But a top team has to make 1:0 out of nothing in a game like that and then hold on to it." The first pressure on the second match day is not necessarily a bad thing, says wenzel: "if you have such high goals as we do, you have to keep the tension high anyway."

The fact that the pressure in burghausen is still somewhat higher is also due to partly avoidable conceded goals. The wacker team was strong in both games, but conceded at least two goals in the 2:4 loss in rosenheim that could have been saved. What went to the account of ludwig zech. He is 18 years young and has been chosen as the number one player. Wenzel, however, does not want to make it so easy for himself to identify the weak point of the opponents. Because he also knows the strength of the guests: the offense. "We must not run into the open knife, but have patience."

Patience. Since his left defender christian koppel "clearly has more courage" for the upcoming tasks after the game in furth wenzel takes up the ball, defines patience. First of all, it is important to follow the match plan with care. Secondly, if it does not succeed immediately, not to play harakiri under any circumstances. And thirdly, not to be afraid in the front third, to go resolutely into one-on-one and also to play a risky ball sometimes. Patience and courage were not mutually exclusive. In concrete terms, the goal against burghausen should be: to show a higher willingness to run than in furth, to get by with one or two ball contacts and to shift the game more quickly from one side to the other. "And if a player gets stuck in a one-on-one for the tenth time, he has to try it for the eleventh time.", calls for wenzel.

When this has worked in furth, there have also been dangerous scenes. But wenzel complains: "we are operating a very high level of expenditure. But we lose the ball too easily." Since burghausen is more offensively oriented, this quota could be minimized, since the nullfunfern have more space to play in. A less good omen: of the last five league duels, the schweinfurt team won only the home game of the 2017/18 season (2:1).

The wacker midfield will be missing the injured former unterhaching third league player marius duhnke. Whereas the situation at FC 05 continues to ease. Adam jabiri is fit again, will storm from the start. Aaron frimpong manu is also available, even stefan maderer could do it.Mib

SV schalding-heining – TSV aubstadt (tuesday, 18.30 o'clock)

TSV aubstadt seems to be in good shape for the match in passau, because after the respectable 1:2 defeat at FC 05 schweinfurt, the francic team managed to win its first match in the regional league with a 2:0 victory over SV heimstetten in front of more than 700 fans. Self-confidence, of which the host can only dream in view of the opening defeat against turk gucu munchen (0:2) and the recent 0:7 debacle at last year's runner-up vfb eichstatt. Results aubstadt's coach won't be fooled by. "I doubt whether this will be of any benefit to us," he says, josef francic draws the only correct conclusion. "In the third game, the team will not be left hanging, but will roll up its sleeves and try to make amends." At the grave fields koob, volkmuth, bieber and trunk will be missing furthermore kraus (wedding and honeymoon). Julius benkenstein is back. "If all are fit, we have 23 field players, with julian grell a secret joker in addition. Nine are U-23s, the others are more experienced. We need all of them and all of them will get a chance." 

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