Fools storm coburg town hall

Fools storm coburg town hall

The fools have been in charge for six days now and will rule until ash wednesday. On saturday, the coburg narrhalla, the coburg moor dance troupe and the effects stormed the vest town hall. The fanfare procession accompanied the procession from the grafsblock through the fubganger zone to the office of mayor norbert kastner. "Be pitiful to me, you fools who wait happily and colorfully in front of the town hall. To storm it right away, so that the burgermeisters tower". Kastner was lucky, however. Because he was still on vacation, 2. Mayor norbert tessmer and 3. Mayor hans-heinrich ulmann welcomes the crowd and hands over the key to the city hall.

Sometimes you’re surprised that another year has gone by and that the time has come for all the coburg fools to unite and storm the town hall together," CN president thomas eck called out to curious passersby from the town hall balcony.
Queen of the guard franz I. Kam not alone, but had her favorite club in tow, as did all the others. Whether it’s the roar, youth, junior or royal guards – they rule, no question about it.

The children’s prince and princess of the coburg narrhalla noah-emil and julia had conquered the hearts of all without any limelight fever. "I’ve always wanted to be a princess, but so far I’ve just been too small. Now, however, I’m EIGHT, and taking over here at city hall. But it was hard to find a prince, because I needed a very special one. So I ordered the marchenprinz from the catalog, but it was delivered to me "prinz noah aus beuerfeld". I knew right away that she liked me," replied eloquent child prince noah-emil.

As children’s prince i’m the winner of the lottery, because making you laugh is my motto. The heart of the princess is therefore already mine, but I also want to be your prince of hearts. I’m certainly not a smart aleck, so this speech is not obligatory for me". Now we all dug to the end with our great fool’s pit: idis ahoi.

Zack zack hurrah, hutzel hutzel, idis ahoy!

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