Fracture of the nose bone in the disco

Fracture of the nose bone in the disco

The second christmas holiday started with a lot of blood and pain for a 28-year-old man from habberge county. During a visit to a disco in the early hours of the morning, the young man had his nose broken by an aimed blow to the head. Punishable as bodily injury.
"Suddenly, the guy appeared in front of me and fixed me. Then he struck", the 28-year-old testified as a witness before the habfurt district court.

The defendant, a 30-year-old worker from the county of habberge, had appealed against the criminal order for bodily injury. In it he was sentenced to 45 days at 35 euros each.
He admitted what he had done, but also said: "I didn't want to leave it as if he had done nothing", he explained to judge roland wiltschka.

Then he reported that the victim had pulled the nut off the head of one of his buddies. This he had not given back even after repeated requests and finally built up provocatively in front of him. When the mutt thief tried to strike, he had "out of reflex" made the kopfstob.

Two acquaintances of the defendant confirmed this statement. The witness, who was a friend of the 28-year-old, maintained that the attack came out of nowhere. Even the apology of the accused the young man would not accept. "I can't understand why someone would arbitrarily become so violent.", he replied angrily when the defendant addressed him.

"Holland's pain
He had cut his nose without anesthesia and under "hollish pain to be straightened at the uniklinikum wurzburg. During the fracture the nerves were damaged, so that the nose still tingles today. He also said that the scar of the one-centimeter gash was still visible. That is why he will sue his attacker in civil court for pain and suffering compensation.

The hearing at the habfurt district court ended with the defendant limiting his plea to the legal consequences. The 45-day rate was adjusted to income and reduced to 20 euros.

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