Fur krum pays in basement derby against altbessingen only victory

The habberg clubs in the fubball district league of lower franconia east are off to a flying start. After two defeats over easter, FSV krum (14.) in the fight for the class preservation on sunday (15 clock) the DJK altbessingen (13.) guest. After 0:12 goals – 0:5 in krum and 0:7 against FT schweinfurt – the DJK dampfach (6.) at TSV munnerstadt (12.) demanded. FSV krum – DJK altbessingen after two weak performances at easter the krumer stand with their backs to the wall. "We lacked the necessary bite. Lastly, the boys love dedication and will miss in parts where more was possible", argues FSV department head marco schorr. Now guest in the zeiler local part with the DJK altbessingen (13./27 points) the team that holds the relegation rank and is right in front of krum. And DJK, according to schorr, had understood what it was all about, as the youngest results showed. The promoted team from main-spessart picked up four points on easter, including against fourth-placed oberschwarzach.

Schorr: "i don’t know if it’s that easy to flip the switch, and if the guys can fight relegation." The team konne against everyone points and has the potential, as jungst against dampfach seen, but they must also show it again. TSV munnerstadt – DJK dampfach

"The team is totally unsettled after conceding twelve goals in two games", female horst dombrowski of the djk dampfach about the battered condition of his kickers. So it is with mixed feelings that the team travels to TSV munnerstadt, which has gained some breathing space in the relegation battle with a 2-0 win in krum. Dampfach’s playing co-coach paul tudor hopes that his boys will remember their strong points despite being absent due to injuries and work commitments. Ar

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