Gatekeepers come and go

Gatekeepers come and go

Coach martin lang assesses the season so far in terms of conduct. Sulzfeld's trainer sees fourth place as incidental. "I don't base my evaluation so much on the table results, they come up automatically. I am much more interested in the points achieved", says the 40-year-old "but given our possibilities, we have to be satisfied with what we have achieved." In figures: 29 points from 17 games. This results in an average of 1.7 points per game.
"The width of the squad is quite dark", lang names the main problem area for the maustal team "this is best illustrated by the position of the goalkeeper. We had to play the half-series with five goalkeepers. There were several reasons for the constant changes in the position, such as injuries, suspensions or occupation. At the same time, this says a lot about the fact that we lacked consistency in personnel." The most experienced torhuter marcus orth passed his second state examination in bad kissingen last semester. "He wanted to focus on it to finish the exams as well as possible. That's why he missed many training sessions and, as we agreed before the season, preferred the younger players to take the lead", reports lang.
At the beginning of the season, simon bruckner, who was drawn from our own youth team, stood between the posts. "He started very well in the first games, but unfortunately got injured before the game in mainstockheim, which meant that he was out for the rest of the preliminary round." Then peter ptok, who had transferred from repperndorf, stood in goal, but received a red card after just a few minutes in the 2:2 draw in karlstadt. Afterwards, he also dropped out, so michael damke, goalkeeper of the second team, had to help out for one game and also orth had to step in again at short notice.
The sulzfeld team often decimated itself – the maustalers conceded a total of ten sending-offs during the season. When all four of the previous goalkeepers dropped out, thorsten wahner finally took over the aluminium bars at the 2:5 in monchberg. "Thankfully, he made himself available when all the strings broke and no one else was available."

Best game against rottendorf

Lang names the best game as the 2:1 at home against rottendorf, irrespective of the result. "We showed our best performance. The opponent came to us as the leader of the table, but apart from a few exceptions we hardly gave him any opportunities to develop", the coach looks back on that encounter and draws a lesson for the rest of the season: "you could see what the team is capable of when everyone pulls together and sticks to the given guidelines. Everyone must be prepared to put their performance at the service of the team. We have to work on that, because only then can we play successful soccer together."

Worst performance in the derby

Lang names the worst performance as the extremely pale appearance at the 0:4 in the county derby in mainstockheim. "This was our weakest game in terms of both performance and attitude. In retrospect, it was not only me who was upset, but also the players, that we looked so bad against a local rival of all teams."
Two changes are now in the sulzfeld squad for the winter break. On the one hand thomas wolf changes from biebelried to maustal, on the other hand tobias zehnder is not available anymore. "Unfortunately, due to his job, he can't play as much as he used to in order to be active for us", explains lang. He conceded, however, that it is difficult to recruit new players during the winter break, as the losing club must also give its consent to the transfer.
"Whether we finish third or eighth doesn't make much difference to me", says lang about the season goal "but i demand from my team an average of two points per game until the end of the season." To achieve this, TSV still has to get 31 payers – that's ten wins and one draw from the remaining 13 games. The trainer gives a clear guideline for this: "we have to be more consistent with our goal chances, because we missed some of our chances carelessly in several games. If we had scored the goal early, we could have saved ourselves some points losses. On the other hand, we need more consistency in the game at the back in order not to allow easy and avoidable goals against."
As has already been announced, the agreement concluded a year ago between the coach and the club will expire after one and a half years at the end of the season without extension. "The board decided to work with andi submeier for the next season. I have to and can live with this decision", says lang "because when a contract expires, i think it is also legitimate for both sides to think about how to continue. We had met on all saints' day, but we parted without a concrete result."
Whether lang will coach another team next season, and which one, is an open question: "if something comes up, that would be fine, if not, that would be fine for me too. In this matter I am currently quite relaxed."

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