General renovation can begin

General renovation can begin

The building permit for the general renovation of the historic town hall in forchheim has now been officially handed over by the town planning office to the mayor of forchheim, uwe kirschstein. This is the starting signal for the extensive renovation of this unique monument of national importance. According to the city administration, the regensburg architectural firm fabi architekten bda partgmbb was won for the renovation work.

Building researchers, structural engineers, architects, archaeologists and restorers as well as the state office for the preservation of historical monuments were involved and brought new findings to light, which had already been presented to the burghers at various events.

The need for a general renovation is not unusual for such a building: the heterogeneous building complex of the town hall was built in the 15th century. And 16. Century. From the very beginning, the building served as a kind of town hall and was adapted again and again over the centuries to meet changing requirements.

These interventions led to the fact that the overall statics of the building were severely affected and the individual parts of the building threatened to topple off.

Since it became clear that the costs of a general renovation alone were not affordable for the city and that an administrative building was not feasible, a concept with a main public use had to be defined in parallel to the preliminary investigations: the originally pure administrative building will now become a building for public use with representative offices of the mayor, a registry office and tourist information. This use as a so-called "house of encounter is capable of demanding. According to the latest report, the claim amounts to about 86 percent of the total costs, which are expected to be 20.3 million euros.

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