Gertrud schubert loves her job more than anything else

Gertrud schubert loves her job more than anything else

The director of the neufanger daycare center, gertrud schubert, celebrated 40. Service anniversary. Thomas pyka, the director of the catholic day care centers for children in the deanery of kronach, handed over the
certificate of honor from the state of bavaria.
A whole house full of living children – that’s what delights
gertrud schubert every day anew even after 40 years of work. That’s how long she has been working in her profession as an educator, which she professes to love above all else.
She spent almost her entire career – 39 years in total – at the catholic daycare center st. Laurentius neufang. On the occasion of this impressive jubilee, the team as well as the boys and girls of the daycare center prepared a small celebration for her with a program tailored to her needs.
According to gertrud schubert, many things have changed in the past 40 years. The love of the job has remained. "I am fascinated by children: they are strong, genuine and freely express their feelings. They know what they want. They are full of love and learn with intensity and pleasure. They explore and discover their world and instill something in us that adults can no longer do in this environment."

Affection of the children

There are moments in a teacher’s job that are indescribable: for example, the trust that is built up with children and the affection that is often spontaneously shown by the children.
"Children bring me joy, they give me optimism, vitality and community. They make us laugh. They call for sincerity and staying young. Children can dispel anger, relieve pain, reduce our worries and fears", said gertrud schubert.
The children had prepared beautiful songs with the other employees, which they then also performed. On behalf of the team, the deputy head of the daycare center, yvonne siegel, congratulated the team on its 40th birthday. Jubilee. She, too, referred to the changed structures of childcare and the expanded scope of work that comes with it.
The step from kindergarten to daycare with the care of small and school children has required a rethink. In may 2015, they moved into new rooms in the renovated daycare center, which was expanded by eight daycare places.
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