Gertrud wilhelm keeps an eye on stockheim as well as wm

Gertrud wilhelm keeps an eye on stockheim as well as wm

At the age of 90, she is still passionate about crossword puzzles, watches political TV shows, reads women’s magazines – and at the moment the soccer world championship is taking up a lot of time in her daily routine: gertrud wilhelm was born in stockheim and has now lived in the former mining community for 90 years.

"Mentally totally fit"

Mentally she was totally fit, only her bones were not keeping up, says the jubilarian with a laugh. That’s why she misses the long-distance trips she used to love so much, which took her to the middle east and all over southern europe. Women’s magazines are part of her daily reading, and she also takes an interest in local events.

Working for siemens

She worked as a secretary at siemens for over 20 years. Since 1952 she was married to her husband karl, who unfortunately died in 2010. The marriage produced son harald. The family also includes the now grown-up granddaughter vanessa.
Mayor rainer detsch, among a number of congratulators, offered the congratulations of the community. The mayor wished the jubilarian continued health and well-being. On behalf of the catholic parish st. Wolfgang congratulated deacon wolfgang fehn.

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