Habberg clinics demonstrate resuscitation in habfurt

Habberg clinics demonstrate resuscitation in habfurt

On 16. October is "restart a heart day", a worldwide worldwide to raise awareness for resuscitation. As in the previous year, the resuscitation team of the habberg hospitals in habfurt takes advantage of the day and offers a day later, on thursday, 17. October, from 10 a.M. To 2 p.M. In the foyer of the habfurt hospital, a free basic training course on resuscitation is offered for everyone, as the hospital’s municipal enterprise has announced.

Call – call – print – three steps that can save lives. "And if you have the bee gees in your ears, you can hardly go wrong!" What ralf hirschlach thinks? "When performing chest compressions, work to the rhythm of ‘staying alive’", reports the head of anesthesia care at the intensive care unit of the habberg hospitals. 100 to 120 times a minute should be printed from the center of the chest. Helene fischer or karel gott can also be lifesavers. "Staying alive" from the bee gees "breathless through the night" or "maya the bee are just three of the songs on lists you can find on the internet. Lists of songs that set the rhythm for resuscitating a collapsed person with chest compressions.

"All it takes is a little courage and a sense of responsibility, everything else is easy to learn.", he appeals to everyone not to look away when people lie lifeless on the ground, but to take the initiative. "Anyone in the world can save a life", the expert quotes the motto of the "restart a heart day".

On 17. October from 10 a.M. To 2 p.M., ralf hirschlach, together with his deputy daniel jager and other helpers, offers free basic training in resuscitation

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