High-speed for family life

High-speed for family life

Many parents are familiar with this: they alternate between being cooks and nurses, physiotherapists and psychotherapists for their offspring. In the case of mathias and iwona jung from kitzingen, there are also: tour organizers, chief mechanics and sponsors. For the couple, that means full employment and lots of weekend trips through germany. That’s what happens when you have a successful kart racer for a son.

Dominik jung has a whole cupboard full of shiny trophies in his room. And that’s despite the fact that the 13-year-old from kitzingen only really took off last year: 2017 was his first full season as a youth kart driver in the "RK1/ world-formula" class, in which up-and-coming racers race over winding asphalt tracks with 15-hp karts at speeds of up to 90 kilometers per hour.

The circuit suits him. He obviously has the change between ideal and battle line in his blood. Between full throttle and full braking he is in his element. Dominik became bavarian youth karting champion in the fall at the first attempt. He even won the title of "german vice-champion" at the ADAC national finals. And he came in second in his class at the suddeutscher ADAC-kart-cup.

"Standing at the top of the stairs was indescribable," says dominik with shining eyes. It was not foreseeable that the 13-year-old would one day develop such an enthusiasm for acceleration and speed. Except for the fact that mother iwona admits that she likes to drive a car fast, there is no family history. Dad mathias says with a grin: "back in schumacher’s day, i liked watching formula 1. But i never thought that i would be working on a kart myself."

As his son’s "chief technician", however, his ambition has now got the better of him. "You learn something at every race. We had some adventures last year: too much water in the carburetor, so the engine didn’t run anymore, or a broken throttle cable. Every time we managed to get the kart up and running on time."

Iwona jung sums up the situation: "our whole life has picked up speed since dominik started karting."The commercial employee used to take her son, who has always been a sports enthusiast, to breakdance training. But then came the day when dominik sat down in a rental kart for the first time; at the karting track in gollhofen, the. The realschuler remembers: "at the beginning i was even a bit scared. But then i quickly caught fire."

Back home, father and son googled where there are karting facilities for youngsters in the area. They each wrote an email to the AMC kitzingen and the ADAC-ortsclub wurzburg. The latter answered immediately. And this is how dominik jung first started slalom training in wurzburg in 2015. After a year, he discovered that he enjoyed the circuit even more: "the slalom gave me a feeling for the kart. But somehow I missed the speed then."At a young drivers’ competition of the ADAC nordbayern e.V. He convinced the coaches and secured a place on the karting team in the summer of 2016.

"Then my heart beats up to my neck and i shiver." Iwona jung is nervous during the races

That had consequences, also for the family. "One drives powerfully through germany. Most of the races take place in the south german region, but some are further away," reports iwona jung. "Qualifying is usually on fridays or saturdays, the classification runs and races are usually on sundays."In order to be able to spend about 20 weekends a year in cities like ampfing, straubing or wackersdorf with their kids and karts in a reasonably comfortable way, the boys bought a van. "So now we are getting to know the country," says iwona jung with a laugh. Then she adds: "if we had several children, this kind of weekend arrangement would have been impossible."

During the races – after the warm-up, the young talents drive around 20 laps of about one kilometer each – the 41-year-old is tense every time. "Then my heart beats up to my neck and i tremble."In these moments she doesn’t know whether she should wish that dominik would also orientate himself professionally in the direction of racing. "Karting is not without danger, despite all safety precautions. The karts don’t even have airbags. On the other hand: who wouldn’t want to be schumi 2’s mom??"

In addition, iwona knows how much her eighth-grader is into his hobby. "It’s no wonder. The first word he said as a baby was ‘toto’ – that’s what he called his car."

There are also two hearts beating in daddy mathias’ chest. "It’s quite a challenge: with his new two-stroke engine, he can outrun any car on acceleration."Currently he sees the positive: "his successes have boosted dominik’s self-confidence. And he voluntarily studied for school so that he could go karting afterwards."Mathias jung also says: "if you want to become a racing driver, you need one thing above all: money."Talent is only about 20 percent, the rest is a mixture of relationships and financial possibilities.

Dominik jung himself says: "i also like to play fubball and ride longboard. But the best sport is karting – it’s hard on the whole body because there’s no power steering. Tracking the engine is just great.After each race you are full of adrenaline – and happy". "I already dream of becoming a racing driver."

Dad mathias puts his arm around his shoulder and says: "since you discovered karting, we’ve been playing the lottery…"

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