High up, so close to the sky

High up, so close to the sky

Lucas loves the stage. And he has a dream: he wants to become a rough ballet dancer. One of the very rough ones. He has been burning for it since childhood. Ever since he watched his mama dance.

"I’m on the right track, he says confidently "but there’s still a lot of work to do." He has already made the leap onto the stage of the semper opera in the truest sense of the word: as the "nutcracker" he jumped out of a rough package. So impressive that the children’s channel KIKA got in touch and made a documentary about him.

The 17-year-old spends the autumn vacations at home in coburg once again. For three and a half years he has been attending the boarding school of the renowned palucca school in dresden.


"It was not an easy decision for us. I wanted to keep lucas with me longer," hellen keller said, manuela mazzei remembers. An ambitious ballet dancer and teacher herself, she knew, however, that her son’s path was not to be halted. Too rough is his talent, too passionate his will. Meanwhile, she calls the internat the best medicine in puberty. And laughs.

The people of coburg know the dancing, singing and acting whirlwind from the ballet studio at the ketchentor, from the musical "big, from the forest stage in heldritt and from several impressive roles at the landestheater.

He has grown up a lot over the years, still offering his talent the necessary physicality to flourish. "But without his strong will all this would not be worth much", says his mother, who smiles proudly at him. Nothing comes from nothing. Lucas trains, dances and studies every day from 8 a.M. To 7 p.M. At the university. "In the evenings, i often go to the ballet hall alone or with a friend to hone lines and techniques. It gets me further faster." Lucas’ eyes shine even brighter than they already do.

In dresden, too, people have long recognized what the young man has in him. Two years ago, the school administration encouraged him to apply for a scholarship. And in fact he was allowed to take a four-week course at the national ballet school of canada in toronto.

This year, the university nominated him for a scholarship from the german national academic foundation – and he got it. He has made three dance videos, written his own choreography and danced in live-zoom.

With discipline against corona

"We are so happy", says manuela mazzei. Lucas van rensburg will receive financial support until he completes his bachelor of art degree (in dance) in three years. For the van rensburg family of artists, this means a great relief in times of corona.

Makes corona lucas afraid? He fears for a carefree future? "No", it comes there quite clearly. Lucas doesn’t let himself be stopped – and certainly not by dull thoughts. But he also knows that he has to do something for it. And in corona times, the 17-year-old has to wear a mask, wash his hands regularly and keep his distance from others. Absolutely. He says very clearly: "I am afraid that people will not follow it. I found this disrespectful and irresponsible to all those who work hard on themselves." He’s been doing this for more than ten years – and he wants to get on the stage. Closed houses are a catastrophe for every artist. Of course, it is possible to make a video transmission "but the feeling and the charisma are missing". Only the stage has flair and aura."

Discipline is what the young man demands of himself – and others. He summons up all his courage when an adult pushes him too hard at the checkout counter in the supermarket. "Please keep the distance of one meter fifty", he then says. "Maybe we will have to live with pandemics forever. But it will work, he is convinced.

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