Klitschko to k.o.-victory: way clear for million-dollar duel

Klitschko to k.o.-victory: way clear for million-dollar duel

The small change is bagged, now wladimir klitschko is looking forward to his rough payday. With the expected victory over the italian francesco pianeta in mannheim, the 37-year-old ukrainian boxing world champion has jumped the last hurdle on his way to moscow.

There he may fight in late summer for the plump pot of 23 million dollars (17.76 million euros). Of which he alone owns 13.3 million euros. His opponent alexander powetkin from russia gets the rest of 4,4 million euro.

Pianeta could not prevent the money shower for the competitors. The italian, who has lived in gelsenkirchen for 22 years, simply did not have the means to scratch the paint of the dominant klitschko in front of 13,000 spectators in the sold-out sap arena. "It was a shitty performance on my part," the 28-year-old said. The athlete from the SES stables in magdeburg lost in the 30th round. Professional fight his first defeat.

Klitschko put his opponent in the ring the way he needed him to be. Actually, the 1.98-meter man could have quit sooner. Perhaps out of consideration for the commercials on tv, he didn’t put pianeta down until the sixth round with a combination for the third and final time. The referee broke off: technical K.O. That was the 51. Premature victory for the champion of the major federations WBO, IBF and WBA and the small IBO.

"Francesco fought the best man in the heavyweight division," explained the world champion, who has been in office for almost eight years, and tried to console his former sparring partner: "you have learned a lot."Because his opponent looked skeptical, klitschko added: "the realization is yet to come." The champion spoke artfully of the "strongest beats i have ever tracked". He presumably attributed this to the draught caused by pianeta’s blows. Because hit, noted the titleholder, they had not him.

Pianeta at least had the courage to attack klitschko, who is five centimeters bigger than him. But the world champion’s outstretched left, which seemed as long as a railroad crossing, kept the challenger at bay. "We tried to force wladimir into the half-distance, where not his strong lie. But when he does, he clutches," said coach dirk dzemski, explaining the failed plan. "It’s very hard to crack it."This was also seen by 8.31 million TV viewers.

WBA superchampion klitschko now awaits title fight against regular world champion powetkin. "Alexander will be a different opponent," warned powetkin’s manager vlad chrunov. "There is real fire in this fight." Khrunov had offered the world record bid for combat auctions twelve days earlier on behalf of russian baulov andrei ryabinsky. In order for the duel not to fall apart, powetkin first has to withdraw from the fight on 17 december. May win against polish andrzej wawrzyk. "He can do it," says chrunov.

"My goal in sports has never been money. Money is not a priority for me," said klitschko about the upcoming mega-borse, the highest in his 63-fight professional career. The words are hoarded. The haggling over the distribution of the money leads to other conclusions. The klitschko camp originally wanted to claim 85 percent and leave only 15 percent to powetkin. Only the world federation WBA set the ratio of 75:25 after protests from the sauerland stables in berlin.

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