Lichtenfels incident

Markus haggberg it was the day before yesterday. The clock tower showed 11 o’clock, and because it was already dark, I kind of took the precaution of assuming 11 o’clock. I was walking around the marketplace and wishing for the youth to come. And then they came.

I have to say, the guy was maybe in his early 20s and had quite an idiosyncratic gait. I must take this opportunity to say that you should be very precise with your wishes, because I naturally only wished for my own youth and not for this type of education.

But well, now it had happened and now I had something to observe. The young man sapped his legs and crouched down, looked frantically to the left and right, saw a half-full plastic cola bottle lying a few meters away in front of him, took a running start and kicked it against the wall of a shaft. But these young people were also always a bit cocky. The young man didn’t seem to enjoy the dull bang, instead he just kept walking. Then, about 30 meters later, the young man was sitting with his legs apart in a crouched position, looking frantically to the left and to the right, when an empty can of cola appeared in front of him. He took them in his sights, took off and kicked them ten meters over the ground against the next house wall. But this youth also, always a bit overconfident. In the meantime, the young man already had quite a head start, because he really walked very briskly.

But there was more in this brashness, because it was as determined as … Like … Questionable.

Arrived at the lower gate, I could see that he was kicking a shaft tower in the distance. Well, that’s the way it is with the youth, they have always been inclined to cross borders and do the same thing over and over again. But maybe drugs just make you unimaginative.

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