Margaret thatcher is dead

Margaret thatcher is dead

Politicians of all persuasions and from all directions praised the achievements of the "iron lady," but there was also criticism of the political figurehead. Downing street announced a mourning ceremony for the conservative politician with military honors in london st. Paul’s cathedral to. At the request of thatcher, her body will not be laid out there.

Thatcher was prime minister of great britain from 1979 to 1990. She made a name for herself primarily through the falklands war against argentina and her role within the european community of the time. The – abbreviated – quote "i want my money back" with which she pushed through the so-called "british rebate" became legendary. After her departure from downing street, she was elevated to the peerage and entered the house of lords. "She loved her country and served it in a remarkable way," prime minister david cameron said.

Governments around the world and british politicians of all parties hailed thatcher as a great politician of her time and a "towering figure.". German chancellor angela merkel (CDU) called the first woman to head a european government "one of the outstanding leaders of world politics of her time".

Former german chancellor helmut kohl (CDU), one of thatcher’s political departures, also praised the ex-prime minister. "I held margaret thatcher in high esteem because of her love of freedom, her incomparable openness, honesty and straightforwardness," kohl said in a statement. But the former chancellor was not unaware of his differences of opinion with the feisty british woman.

"With the death of baroness margaret thatcher, the world has lost one of the great champions of freedom, and america has lost a true friend," said u.S. President barack obama, according to a statement distributed in washington on monday. Russian president vladimir putin praised thatcher as a "strong and rigorous woman". "She was undoubtedly one of the most pragnant and lucid persons in politics of the last decades," putin said in the hague.

Thatcher had decisively shaped british politics and parts of world politics in the 1980s. Domestically, her extremely harsh course against the unions, which had traditionally been strong in great britain until then, the shortage of social benefits and a wave of privatisations set in motion by her government caused a furor. Critics of her policies see this as a serious mistake, while supporters still consider the reforms to be important structural policy decisions.

In terms of politics, thatcher was just as uncompromising – the daughter of a mixed goods merchant and a graduate chemist had to face massive criticism for many of her decisions. Among them was her fickleness in dealing with the apartheid regime in sud africa. She was said to have had an intimate political friendship with u.S. President ronald reagan, but her relationship with kohl, then chancellor of germany, was considered to be divided. After the fall of the iron curtain, thatcher had initially expressed skepticism about a reunification of germany.

David cameron, the acting prime minister and a friend of thatcher’s, received the news with great sadness. "We have lost a rude leader, a rude prime minister and a rude british woman," cameron wrote via short message service twitter. Referring to the difficult situation of the 1970s, which went down in history as the "british sickness," he said, "she not only led great britain, she saved great britain. "Thatcher had taken over a "country that was on its knees," said cameron. "She got it back on track."

Also queen elizabeth II. Expressed her grief at the death of the departing woman. The queen will write a private telegram to the thatcher family, buckingham palace announced. Former labor prime minister tony blair said thatcher had changed not only the political landscape of her country, but of the entire world.

But there were also critical voices on the death of the controversial politician. Former london mayor ken livingstone said thatcher’s policies had been "fundamentally wrong". It’s a "great day" for coal miners, says general secretary of durham miners’ union. "I have no sympathy for her because she has done terrible things to our society. She destroyed our community, our villages and our people."On the internet, critics of thatcher called for rejoicings.

Thatcher had already suffered several strokes. According to her daughter carol, she had been demented for years. She had rarely appeared in public. In december of last year, thatcher had to undergo a bladder operation. According to the BBC, she died in a suite at the ritz hotel in london. She had last lived there because the care facilities were better than in her actual apartment.

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