Marktrodach school becomes a rough stage

Marktrodach school becomes a rough stage

"It was great – even though i had stage fright at the beginning", says kiara lichter enthusiastically. She was the bird in a musical fairy tale that took place at the elementary school rodachtal in marktrodach.

The children's opera papageno from vienna gave a guest performance with a workshop at the elementary school. Sergei prokofiev's "peter and the wolf was on the program. But not only to look at and listen to. It wouldn't have been the children's opera papageno if there hadn't been a special concept and a certain reinterpretation of the well-preserved piece behind the workshop. The classes had already been preparing for this day for weeks.

Peter and his friends
They came to the children's opera "peter and the wolf" in music class closer and closer. Small actors were sought to play the roles of peter and his father, as well as peter's friends – bird, duck and cat.

"We signed up immediately because we really wanted to play", report julius witzgall (peter) and kiara lichter (bird), both from class 3b. Actually, kiara wanted to play peter, but then they swapped places. "Because peter is a boy after all."

Waddled to the pond
Emma muller from 2a played the duck. She waddled perfectly to the pond, splashed, cleaned herself in the "water" and yet had the tragic role of being eaten by the wicked wolf. But before that she got a visit from the cat, alias alina meyer from the fourth class. "We had a lot of people who wanted to take part, so we had to draw lots, and I won", says alina.

And then it was time to learn the lyrics, because peter, the bird, the duck and the cat have "speaking parts". Not only her acting skills, but also her text passages had to be suitable. But that was no problem for the four students, because all of them are already "stage experienced". That means that all four of them have already "acted" before – either in school plays like alina or in musicals like kiara and nativity plays like julius and emma. And that's exactly why they know that there had to be a little bit of limelight fever involved. Also a "rough" starring: peter's grandfather was excellently embodied by reinhard engelhardt. "Bad cross pains" and a "mooey walk" love on hidden acting talent.

The bose wolf
The two papageno actors, maria skotton and julia ikodinovic, finally found the bad wolf in the rows of the watching schoolchildren. Sophia lorenz was thrown in at the deep end, so to speak, but she mastered her role perfectly. Just like the three hunters who went out to hunt the wicked wolf: leonie, lia-marie and cedric. Stagehands, dancers and someone to play the music system were needed – all these tasks were shouldered by the pupils under the guidance of the two "papageno women" even.

"Imagination and a lot of fun, that is the most important thing for you today. And that you'll also get to know a little bit of the music that was written for each of the players", explained maria skotton.

Perfect mood
Even at the beginning, imagination was important, when the schoolchildren were asked what they needed for a piece like that. The answers: costumes, stage sets, music – and you have to be able to imagine a lot with very few props. Of course, there was also a lot to laugh about, for example, when swimming wings suddenly appeared in the improvised pond "so that the fish don't drown". And just watching wasn't enough either: some had to sneak behind the cat, waddle with the duck, fly like a bird or walk like a moose like the grandfather. A short dance and the atmosphere was perfect for the performance of "peter and the wolf", staged and performed at the elementary school rodachtal.

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