Modified clarification system pays off

Modified clarification system pays off

In the last meeting of the market community council before this year’s municipal elections, the committee in zapfendorf dealt with the conversion of the clarification plant to digestion. Seven months later, the study needed to apply for the grant was presented – and it was unanimously decided to implement the plan. The rehabilitation of water and wastewater networks is also making good progress in zapfendorf.

Arne nath from hartfelder ingenieurtechnologien gmbh was now again a guest at a municipal council meeting. He had brought with him the potential analysis, which should enable the market town of zapfendorf to obtain funds from the rzwas ("guidelines of the bavarian state ministry for the environment and consumer protection for grants for water management projects") as well as from the so-called "municipal guidelines" to be obtained. This demand program is particularly concerned with the reduction of CO2 emissions . The study includes both an inventory with a detailed description of the current system and an examination of the individual system components, including an energy check.

The study roughly coincides with the information nath had already presented in march. Some parts of the system are gross energy consumers and are no longer state of the art, so that replacement is worthwhile in the medium term. However, zapfendorf had particularly high savings potential with the conversion to digestion: high energy savings were possible due to the upstream sedimentation tank, which does not cause any energy waste and already binds more than 20 percent of the sludge, as well as due to the shorter throughput time in the subsequent aeration tank. And the clear gas produced could be used to generate electricity, which was more than sufficient to operate the clear plant.

With an investment of 1.8 million euros, the company’s own contribution after deduction of the possible demand funds would be between 250,000 and 300,000 euros – and zapfendorf would save around 100,000 euros a year. The investment had paid for itself after just three years.

However, for the digestion to work, zapfendorf relies on the supply of a co-substrate (flotate sludge) from the neighboring BMI clarification plant. According to mayor michael senger, such a delivery would not be a problem, and the company had already given its consent in writing. The conversion of the plant could be carried out in parallel with ongoing operations, and in the end it was only necessary to reconnect the respective lines, explained arne nath in conclusion. The decision to carry out the conversion was unanimous. The municipal administration is to initiate the necessary steps and submit the applications for funding.

Redevelopment continues

Numerous rehabilitation inspections of the water and wastewater network are currently underway in zapfendorf as part of rzwas. Christian bruckner from the engineering firm gaul brought the municipal council up to date on this issue. He explained what had already happened – from the inventory with the TV inspections of the pipes since 2009 to the first acceptance tests. Zapfendorf is now investing a further two million euros by the end of 2021; 1.5 million euros have been pledged as demand funds. Sewers and manholes in zapfendorf, lauf, unterleiterbach and sassendorf are to be rehabilitated.

After the rzwas was extended beyond 2021, zapfendorf had a chance to completely rehabilitate the three highest priority classes that had shown up in the camera inspections by the end of 2025, bruckner said. In the past 30 years, zapfendorf has invested over 20 million euros in the water and wastewater network. In terms of the per capita burden, zapfendorf is therefore above the threshold value that qualifies for high demands.

Emergency commander and grants

The municipal council newly enacted the statutes for the "levying of administrative costs for official acts within the market town of zapfendorf’s own sphere of influence" as well as for the "voluntary fire departments in the market zapfendorf". For the most part, the changes are necessitated by the updated mandatory statutes. For the voluntary fire department oberleiterbach, the municipal council appointed a so-called emergency commander. After an election in march 2019 was invalid due to the ineligibility of the candidate nikolas dumsky, no other candidate was found despite efforts, according to mayor senger. Due to the corona pandemic, the new election, which had to be held for the 25. October 2020 was scheduled, now cancelled. However, the municipality has the possibility of appointing an emergency commander. Now that nikolas dumsky has completed the 22. Since he had reached the age of 18, there was no longer any reason for obstruction. He fulfills the necessary requirements. Unanimously dumsky was therefore appointed commander. A proper election should nevertheless be held as soon as possible.

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