Musical in burgkunstadt: women who fight their way through everything

Musical in burgkunstadt: women who fight their way through everything

It was a very moving musical that the group musical-project of the secondary school brought to the stage. The 13 girls describe the fates of women who have realized their dreams and have asserted themselves with their personality and their abilities against the social resistance of their time. With the musical "the mysterious book" they not only drew portraits of impressive female personalities, but also encouraged people to trust in themselves.

"We can do it", it sounded at the beginning from the scenery. Cathrin, a girl born in 219 before christ, wants to make her dreams come true. But at that time everything was forbidden to madchen. Then a leap in time: 2238 years later. Three girlfriends are talking about the possibility of living their dreams while watching the starry sky. "If past lives have become stars, they are burning stones in space and they can tell what they have experienced?", the friends ask each other. And when a shooting star shines, they tell each other their wishes and dreams.

Since they whisper about their dreams even in class, they have to clean the attic as a punishment. There you will find "the mysterious book". The "crazy woman" also appears there cathrin up and tells of her suffering. The three girls want to help her. It helps to take a look at the book in which cathrin madchen describes her life and the traumas she suffered. The singing of the characters and the small choir gives the performance a special depth.

In the book, for example, there is talk about elizabeth blackwell. She was one of the first female doctors to graduate from university. Twelve times her application for a place at university had been rejected. She was even the best in her graduating class. The music alludes to america as the "land of unlimited possibilities" to.

Artemisia gentileschi, the daughter of a painter and more talented than her brother, was raped by her father’s friend agostino tassi. After filing a complaint, she was slandered and had to experience the humiliation all over again. Nevertheless, she prevailed and was later highly respected as a painter.

The very last flight

Melli besse was the first woman to take the pilot’s license exam in germany, although she was sabotaged again and again. Nevertheless, as a pilot, she set records in flying that had not yet been achieved by a man, and opened a flying school. After the first world war, she was no longer allowed to enter the airfield or the factory. "Flying is necessary. Life is not", she wrote in her suicide note before taking her own life. In the moving song "who comforts me, I always liked to fly" this turmoil is expressed. The schoolgirls’ performance of their last flight into the sky was impressive.

The schoolgirls formally merged with their roles. This is how touching portraits of women were created. Hellen keller was blind and deaf after an illness at the age of 18 months. She was rescued from this fate by being taught a finger alphabet by anne sullivan. But even more important to her than the subject matter was the feeling of being. "She has given the miracle of language into my hand", emphasized hellen keller. By slipping into the roles of the historical characters, the three friends realize that their dreams can be realized with the character traits they have developed in the process. And so cathrin also succeeds in freeing herself from the mysterious book. "I don’t want anyone to say, "I can’t do it" anymore, she stressed.

With this performance, the schoolgirls and music teacher nicola probst have also made a dream come true. The teacher wrote the musical herself and rehearsed it with confidence and commitment with the students. She was also responsible for music and scenery. And so she sang the final song "I want to trace that I live" in the choir. Hearty applause rewarded the actors for the successful performance.

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