Nsa affair: coburg public prosecutor’s office investigates

nsa affair: coburg public prosecutor's office investigates

The lawyer from burgkunstadt filed a criminal complaint back in july in response to an article in the suddeutsche zeitung on nsa spying in germany, on initial suspicion of violating his personal privacy and secrecy.

Marcus dinglreiter explains his intention in a press release:

"i see the currently reported scenarios of total surveillance by secret services as an intolerable threat to my own privacy, the privacy of my family and social relationships, and the confidentiality of my legal correspondence. These are guaranteed by our constitution and I will defend them with all my strength and conviction."

At first the public prosecutor’s office coburg did nothing in this matter, also a complaint to the general public prosecutor in bamberg remained without consequences. After an action to compel an investigation was filed with the bamberg higher regional court, the coburg public prosecutor’s office initiated investigation proceedings against unknown persons.

For the time being, the lawsuit is an individual action; a concerted action, such as flat-covering lawsuits, is probably not planned. Whether the criminal complaint is more than an attempt to place an issue in the political discourse remains to be seen.

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