Actress arzu bazman has become a mother

Actress arzu bazman has become a mother

Actress arzu bazman became a mother for the first time at the age of 42. The child is supposed to have been born a month ago, as the "in aller freundschaft" star revealed on instagram.

"In mid january, the world stood still for us for a moment as we held our little bundle of joy in our arms," bazman commented on a photo showing the newborn’s tiny fetuses.

The 42-year-old even loves her fans to know if it is a girl or a boy: "an indescribably beautiful feeling that we finally have our princess." The congratulatory wishes do not wait long. "Congratulations on the birth of your suben mouse," wrote one follower. Another wished "all the best and much strength". The actress did not write the name of the newborn girl.


The dissatisfied satisfied – steinmeier visits pulsnitz

the dissatisfied satisfied - steinmeier visits pulsnitz

The old town is spruced up, the unemployment rate is low, and it is home to many small companies and craft businesses – there are cities in eastern germany that are far worse off than pulsnitz in saxony.

"If you look at the paperwork, this is a city where you really had to say: everything is fine," frank-walter steinmeier stated on wednesday. "If you look at the election results, you can see that there is dissatisfaction in the city." The election results – that were last seen in the state elections on 1. September 29.8 percent for the afd.

The federal president and his wife elke budenbender drove to the town, which has a population of around 7500 and is located 25 kilometers northeast of dresden, to find out where this mood comes from.


Reuther burghers bring mayor in rage

Reuther burghers bring mayor in rage

The transparent of the citizens’ initiative (BI) "protects the reuther hange" hung on the back wall of the town hall for less than ten minutes. "Brute force" it said in red letters – an allusion to the castle meeting in burk. There, mayor franz stumpf (CSU/WUO) had said that the construction area on the lookout in reuth must be enforced with brute force if necessary.

Shortly after 4 p.M., an enraged mayor franz streit (CSU) made sure that the transparent was suspended. The poster violated the "principle of neutrality" prevailing in the town hall. When mayor franz stumpf arrived a short time later, he personally brought the rolled-up transparencies to the door of the meeting hall.

40 minutes later – the debate about the traffic report on the reuther hut was in full swing – BI spokesman ingolf franke again drew the ire of the mayor of oberburg. He had noticed that franke was recording the verbal contributions of the city council members with a dictating machine. Stumpf railed against the "lazy tricks" frankes and asked him to deliver the dictation board to him for the duration of the meeting. After the BI spokesman had complied with this request without a murmur, the city council continued the debate that the planning committee had begun in mid-october. The greens demanded that the "ecologically sensitive areas should not be sacrificed for development. Instead, according to FGL faction spokeswoman annette prechtel, consideration should be given to a protected area. Reinhold otzelberger (SPD) emphasized that the city could not commission an expert opinion and then "push it away".