Pit overcoming borders

pit overcoming borders

The youth group of the protestant church congregation of untersteinach launched a balloon competition at its carnival celebration. The children made pit cards to send back, tied them to balloons and loved flying them.

Pastor wolfgang oertel was amazed when a card found on the burst balloon in southern hungary was returned a month later. It is 850 kilometers as the crow flies to roszke.

Oertel immediately wrote a letter to the finder in hungarian and enclosed pictures of the action. He expressed his sincere thanks to the finder for the return shipment.

The pastor found it exciting that the balloon had just landed in roszke. Because in the town in the triangle of hungary, serbia and romania lies hungary's largest and most heavily guarded refugee camp.

The balloon could well have landed in the camp itself, where unwanted people are locked up. "But the action shows that relationships can't be locked up and that grube also flies over closed borders", so oertel.

If the child who designed the card can be found, the winner's prize will be handed over at the next youth group. 

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