Reuther burghers bring mayor in rage

Reuther burghers bring mayor in rage

The transparent of the citizens’ initiative (BI) "protects the reuther hange" hung on the back wall of the town hall for less than ten minutes. "Brute force" it said in red letters – an allusion to the castle meeting in burk. There, mayor franz stumpf (CSU/WUO) had said that the construction area on the lookout in reuth must be enforced with brute force if necessary.

Shortly after 4 p.M., an enraged mayor franz streit (CSU) made sure that the transparent was suspended. The poster violated the "principle of neutrality" prevailing in the town hall. When mayor franz stumpf arrived a short time later, he personally brought the rolled-up transparencies to the door of the meeting hall.

40 minutes later – the debate about the traffic report on the reuther hut was in full swing – BI spokesman ingolf franke again drew the ire of the mayor of oberburg. He had noticed that franke was recording the verbal contributions of the city council members with a dictating machine. Stumpf railed against the "lazy tricks" frankes and asked him to deliver the dictation board to him for the duration of the meeting. After the BI spokesman had complied with this request without a murmur, the city council continued the debate that the planning committee had begun in mid-october. The greens demanded that the "ecologically sensitive areas should not be sacrificed for development. Instead, according to FGL faction spokeswoman annette prechtel, consideration should be given to a protected area. Reinhold otzelberger (SPD) emphasized that the city could not commission an expert opinion and then "push it away".

Like sebastian platzek (FDP), the free voters also advocated a "reduced building area" in reuth. The city had been able to "save a lot of money", said faction leader manfred hummer, since it was now ignoring the report. This traffic expertise of the nurnberg office planwerk had found out that the new building area (north of ruhstrabe) could only be made accessible with a second access road. Relying on the upper school pen was not enough. But the building authorities had deviated from the experts’ opinion on precisely this point: a traffic connection via the existing road network was possible. Yesterday, 20 rates (CSU, JB and FBF) agreed with this opinion. 16 city councils of the SPD, the grunen, the freie wahler and the FDP rejected it.

Lashing and grumbling

OB franz stumpf was of the opinion that this decision does not say anything about the subsequent coarseness of the construction area. "Today, we only note that an approach via the ruhstrabe does not work." Ludwig preusch () and reinhold otzelberger (SPD) disagreed. "The number of building rights does have an effect on traffic", said preusch. And otzelberger: "construction area and traffic development are a unit in planning terms." Ingolf franke was "disappointed" about the council decision. This is clearly the "first step" for him to the construction area.

In the meeting, however, there were many voices demanding that the development of the 30 plots of land on the upper school path should be reconsidered. It would be "a sign of coarseness", if the town councils looked beyond black-and-white thinking to find a solution together, gunther hammer (SPD) said. And also thomas schuster (CSU) said that it must be possible to "answer the many open questions" (e.G. On the subject of "seepage of surface water") in "fair dealings to clear.

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