Sea rescuers wait for port with nearly 300 migrants on board

Sea rescuers wait for port with nearly 300 migrants on board

The german sea rescue ships "sea-eye 4" and "rise above" with a total of almost 300 migrants on board continue to wait in the mediterranean for the allocation of a safe harbor to dock in.

The ships of the private aid organizations sea-eye and mission lifeline cruised around the italian island of lampedusa in the past few days. For protection from bad weather, however, was then headed for sicily, as sea-eye announced on twitter on sunday.

According to the regensburg association, there are 223 migrants on the "sea-eye 4", including seven pregnant women and eight children. Some people were injured. A five-year-old boy huddled in a small boat for three days before being rescued, he said. He could hardly walk because of severe pain, the rescuers wrote. According to the dresden-based organization mission lifeline, there are 66 rescued people on board the "rise above" who have been brought on board in the past few days.

Many migrants dare the perilous crossing of the mediterranean in the hope of a better life in the eu. They mostly reach italy. Until sunday the authorities paid more than 63.700 migrants who arrived at italian shores in 2021. UN says nearly 23 have died since 2014.000 people in the mediterranean sea.

Sea rescuers strongly criticize malta. Many migrants are found in mediterranean nation’s rescue zone, rescuers say, yet malta does not respond to requests for help.

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