Spelling on whatsapp, facebook and instagram: “on social networks, spelling doesn’t matter”

Spelling on whatsapp, facebook and instagram: 'on social networks, spelling doesn't matter'

No books, but hundreds of short messages on the cell phone every day – according to an education expert, the changed reading habits of schoolchildren are one of the reasons for the poorer spelling.

So reading in context plays only a minor role with children, said the president of the german teachers” association, heinz-peter meidinger, to the deutsche presse-agentur (dpa).

"They just don’t read books anymore."

"You just don’t read books anymore." Instead, hundreds of short messages were read every day. "In social networks, spelling doesn’t matter", said meidinger. "People tend to look askance at those who spell correctly and take the trouble to write in capital letters."

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Teachers have even reported that students no longer understand source texts or literary texts. This continued into university studies, where scientific texts were no longer understood and students were no longer able to write argumentative texts.

More than one in five fourth-graders in germany does not meet the minimum standards in spelling, according to a study by the institute for quality development in education (IQB).

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