Stefanie ii. Resigning from office: the farewell was the crowning glory

Stefanie ii. resigning from office: the farewell was the crowning glory

They all had a little bit of limelight fever. The helpers. The winegrowers’ association. And in front of all, of course, the outgoing wine princess stefanie II. (heigl) and her successor ina I. (borawski.). For the first time, the sickershauser wine princess was not crowned in the fall before the kirchweih parade, but on saturday in a separate event. The "good old tradition the idea of breaking the rule had aroused many a critic in advance. But those who attended the premiere in the sold-out sickerhalle celebrated the decision for an entire evening – with good wine, a french snack, live music, lots of applause, tears of joy and even standing ovations.

As wine sovereign on curious dates in upper bavaria

523 days stefanie was in office, on more than 130 dates she made as "the sickershauser" promoting their hometown – not only at wine festivals, but also on unusual dates, such as the international kasemeisterschaft in kempten or the bavarian sports gala in munich. In the review she loves to share her journey with the guests with pictures. "It is important to me that people learn what is behind this honorary office, which really demands a lot of time, but also makes an infinite amount of fun", said the 23-year-old business administration student.

She was so touched by her involvement in the BR’s "hours of work" campaign that she also set up a donation campaign for the good cause at her retirement ceremony, which raised 520 euros by the end of the evening. Her big thanks went to her family for their support over the past months. The fact that she was allowed to present a princess wine at the end of her term of office as well as a princess champagne was particularly pleasing to those present, as they were allowed to taste it immediately afterwards.

Local spokeswoman praises the joy of office

Not only the chairman of the winegrowers’ association, leonhard rabenstein, thanked stefanie for her strong commitment, but also local spokeswoman anni schlotter found words of praise: "the joy of your office was always recognizable from your radiant smile."

State parliament member barbara becker, who also outed herself as a former wine princess, wished stefanie and ina only the best. Hofrat walter vierrether was particularly pleased about the many former royalty who helped out as waiters and waitresses that evening. There have always been real "wine grenades" in sickershausen given.

When stefanie passed the freshly gilded crown to her successor, she commented to a drum roll of the band monday socks: "i’m sure you two will shine like a beacon"."

Ina I. Masters their inaugural speech – and loves home cooking

Ina mastered her inaugural speech with aplomb. Although she is a true sickershauser, she is known to many in the village as "the granddaughter of schwarzer rudi" a term. "After a veggie princess, sickershausen now has a "princess who loves home cooking, joked the 20-year-old teacher, who as a small child dreamed of the kronchen on the princess float during the kirchweih parade. Unlike her predecessor, she still lacks a prince and a castle, but that could look very different in two years.

After stefanie, ina was also able to present her own princess wine that evening, which is sure to make a few glasses ring in the months to come.

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