Suspected al-qaeda terrorist wanted to become a policeman

Suspected al-Qaeda terrorist wanted to become a policeman

He applied to the state of north rhine-westphalia, but was rejected in 2004 because he was unfit for service, said 28-year-old halil S. From. The application is also documented in the court records.

"I was happy to do it," the suspected terrorist said on thursday before the dusseldorf higher regional court. He was born and raised in gelsenkirchen, graduated from high school, did his community service in a retirement home, and earned a bachelor’s degree in management in bochum.

Besides halil S. Broke also the 21 year old amid C. His silence and reported on his curriculum vitae. However, neither of them wanted to answer questions about their religion or the charges against them. The german-iranian from bochum also has a high school diploma and is studying computer science at the university of hagen during his time in custody.

Both had initially attended a grammar school, had changed to a secondary school and had later nevertheless graduated from high school. Amid C. Claimed to speak arabic and to be able to read the koran in arabic as well. His parents and siblings invoked their right to remain silent in the witness stand of the dusseldorf higher regional court.

Also the father of halil S. Refused to testify. Only an ex-brother-in-law of the 28-year-old testified, but stated that he had not seen the defendant in ten years. "I got a shock when i heard what he was accused of," says the locksmith. He did not expect him to do such a thing. On the religious nature of his ex-wife’s family, he said: "I think they prayed."But there was not much talk about religion.

The four defendants are alleged to have formed the "dusseldorf cell" of the al-kaida terrorist network and to have planned a gross terrorist attack in germany. Three of them grew up in north rhine-westphalia, the suspected leader is moroccan. You could face up to ten years in prison.

The two had been arrested last year after months of observation. The trial in the high-security wing of the higher regional court is scheduled to last 30 days. The trial is to be continued this friday.

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