The city deserves it

The city deserves it

Five people are being honored this year at the city of herzogenaurach’s honoring evening for their many years of service to the city. As announced by the city administration, the city council in its meeting on 27 june has decided on a new position for the city. June decided to honor helga lang, dagmar wegmann, hermann josef conrads, peter persin and siegbert sendner with the burgers’ medal. The awards ceremony will take place on thursday, 12. December, at 6 p.M. In the meeting room of the interim town hall.

Helga lang is awarded the burgher medal of the city of herzogenaurach for her many years of voluntary work in a responsible position in the hospice association of herzogenaurach, in particular during its foundation in its present form from 2003 onwards. She was already a member in 1982, later a member, second chairwoman and from 2003 to 2015 chairwoman of the hospice association (formerly the association for outpatient nursing). She was instrumental in many projects, including the introduction of the mourning cafe, the organization of excursions and ecumenical mourning services. In addition, she has been active in various other voluntary areas for many years, including as a member of the senior citizens’ advisory council of the city of herzogenaurach from 2007 to 2019 or in the catholic german women’s federation.

Dagmar wegmann is also honored for her outstanding and extremely wide-ranging volunteer work. She has been active in various voluntary areas for decades, including coordinating the city’s mother and child groups for almost 30 years and organizing everything to do with taking the sports badge for many athletes at ASV niederndorf. Dagmar wegmann has also been active in herzotv for many years.

Hermann josef conrads is being honored for his decades of voluntary work for "his parish" st. Josef niederndorf honored. For decades, he has been involved in many projects and activities. Entrusted with tasks in the parish. Whether as a volunteer sacristan, communion helper, lector or long-time chairman of the parish council, he is a member of the parish council. Josef (now of the pastoral area council of the catholic parish community of herzogenaurach). He also works in many committees and organizes almost everything "around his parish". Within the framework of his voluntary work, he had for more than 20 years also been in charge of the organization of the day care center for children of st. Joseph. Josef niederndorf and the after-school care center st. Joseph under his wings.

Peter persin is honored for his many years of voluntary work in the city youth band of herzogenaurach. He was a founding member of the town youth band and an active musician for more than 50 years, the "tuba-peter. Peter persin has held many positions over the years, including 25 years on the presidium and managing the archives. He is also active on a supra-regional level in the district association of the north bavarian music federation and in the erlangen-hochstadt district music council.

Siegbert sendner is awarded the burgher’s medal for his almost lifelong voluntary work in a responsible position with the herzogenaurach volunteer fire department in combination with over eleven years of voluntary work as a city councilor. He has been a member of the fire department for many years, joining the marching band as a drummer at the age of ten, which he later led for 17 years. At the age of 16, in 1963, he started his active fire department service. He performed many wards in his active service, which lasted until 2007.

He was, among other things, group leader, commander and for many years chairman of the volunteer fire department of herzogenaurach, for many years even both. In 1987 he was appointed district fire chief. He proved his great organizational talent at the celebrations for the 125th anniversary of the fire brigade. He was also responsible for the celebration of the fire department’s jubilee (1993) and the parade for the 1000th anniversary (2002)

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