The kulmbach art scene has gained a new studio

the kulmbach art scene has gained a new studio

You could almost think that a small artists’ quarter was establishing itself around the town hall. Last thursday evening marion kotyba opened her new studio with attached gallery in oberhacken 3 and invited to a vernissage at the same time.
In addition to their own works, the numerous visitors could admire iron sculptures by ralf vizethum from mistelgau. The artist knows how to breathe life into the rigid form of iron, to give it something soft, a different expression. He began sculpting with wood at the age of ten: "that’s when I made my first bull." He carved more figures out of wood and really got into it at 18. "I like the smell of iron and enjoy working in my forge studio."
Vizethum is close to nature, lives on a farm and gets his inspiration from there.
Marion kotyba met ralf vizethum at the annual exhibition of the association of french artists. "There his iron sculpture ‘stromung’ stood exactly in front of my picture, and that harmonized perfectly." Her coarse flat works in the current exhibition are reminiscent of snapshots from outer space, awakening in the viewer the idea of being able to dive into the picture. "Thanks to my training as a technical textile assistant, I know a lot about chemical processes, and that’s to my advantage", said kotyba, whose expertise allows her to predict certain outcomes. "I am very eager to experiment."
In her new studio, which she restored in record time, courses for children and adults will be offered in the future. In 2018, for example, seminars will be held on the topics of "rust&" aging", "experimental painting" or "moods of the clouds and the sky. Marion kotyba particularly enjoys working with children. "Children today often forget how to think freely, art according to scheme F is not my thing." It is important to develop one’s own ideas, because anything that is created under duress cannot be good from a creative point of view. "The children like to come to my classes because they can let their imagination run wild here."
The current exhibition is open until 31. December on view wednesdays from 10 a.M. To 2 p.M., fridays from 2 p.M. To 6 p.M. And saturdays from 11 a.M. To 4 p.M.

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