Time is ripe for digital mixer

time is ripe for digital mixer

Open to all – that’s the domino youth center. A look at the weekly calendar confirms this: schoolchildren come to cook, teenagers to box, listen to music or chill out. The weltburgers invite to dinner and the homosexual group queer dreams of a christopher street day in coburg. The vegan cooking group hosts about 100 interested people every week. "However, we are still fighting against the prejudice of being left-wing", regrets managing director johanna schilling. The youth center with its five part-time social pedagogues has consciously thought about opening up the event program even more, especially in the area of music. In addition to the legendary punk concerts with artists from new york or the ukraine, hiphop and metal, there are also schlager nights, classical music events or, most recently, lounge concerts with up-and-coming artists (on 14. December at cafe babbel).

"We are the roughest promoter in the alternative music scene" says alexander thomann, who is in charge of the cultural program at dominoes. The domino alone organizes about 30 concerts from its own ranks. The hall is fully booked almost every weekend. Starting next year, there will be direct access to the old angers gym. "Then the concerts will take place there. The catering will be done by us", johanna schilling is pleased.

But the domino team is not entirely happy about the result. Because: although more concerts are desired by the city’s youth welfare planning, there is a lack of financial support for suitable technical equipment.

Plant is nothing but stucco

The lighting system was purchased in the mid-1990s. "Since then it has been in operation. Old school", says alexander thomann. Of course, over the years it has been supplemented and overhauled again and again. But it is already a stucco. "When the sound goes on, it’s buzzing first. Current flow and fuse do not match", thomann argues. The sound system was renewed in 2002. Spare parts are bought used and installed by young people or volunteers with know-how. Cooperation with crossart allows for "neat" concerts to be equipped. Nevertheless, thomann speaks of patchwork and that his team has reached its limits time and again.

A digital mixing console was therefore a rough wish of the cultural groups. Naturally, this also involves the corresponding power connections for a lighting system. "We were happy to save money and switch to LED" interjects johanna schilling.

Social pedagogue mark ritschel underlines the importance of the concerts for coburg by talking about a whole new series of concerts. "Coburg celebrates without alcohol will be the heiben – and there it is just not about drinking, but purely about the music. "We want to show that you can be in a good mood without alcohol and drugs", says ritschel.

Read next week what still needs to be urgently renewed in the youth center.

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