Truck driver has 3.64 per mille

Record-breaking blood alcohol level of a truck driver in habberge county over the weekend. On saturday evening shortly before 18 o’clock a traffic participant was

On the maintal autobahn near the theres junction, a tractor-trailer with a lithuanian registration that was taking up the entire width of the carriageway attracted attention. After leaving the highway, the witness pursued the truck to the parking lot of a nearby convenience store in obertheres. Here, a second witness became aware of the apparently drunk driver as he staggered and also fell. Thanks to the fact that the witnesses immediately notified the police, a police patrol was able to prevent the semitrailer from continuing its planned journey. The alcohol test on the russian driver showed a value of 3.64 per mille. There followed the seizure of his driver’s license and a blood withdrawal in the hospital in habfurt. After a security charge was levied in consultation with the public prosecutor’s office, the truck driver was released from police custody.

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