Two candidates for one office

Two candidates for one office

Jurgen kohmann, 53, married, two children, is mayor of the town of bad staffelstein. It is put up by the CSU.

FT: what will make bad staffelstein fit for the future??
Jurgen kohmann: bad staffelstein is already on the right track here. We will continue to build on our strengths and remain fit for the future by responding in a timely manner to changing circumstances due to demographic change and acting sustainably in all areas of life. The city is to become even more attractive and lively, and the intact infrastructure (roads, canal, water, energy, broadband) is to be further optimized. The goal is to further develop the town into the largest health and tourist center in northern bavaria.

How to keep the obermain thermal baths attractive?
We have a special unique selling proposition thanks to our medicinal water. Targeted investments serve to maintain and increase attractiveness. Only those who continue to provide a high level of service and remain attractive will survive in this fiercely competitive area.

When will the redesign of bahnhofstrabe go ahead??
The next section from ring- to goethestrabe is planned for 2013. The further sections up to the railroad station are planned for 2014 and 2015.

Which project do you want to tackle first once you have been elected??
Under the working title "the restructuring of the entrance area to the spa center with integrated larmschutz" the next important project is to be started in spring 2012 with the extension of the street at the spa park.

When will the redevelopment of the kirchberger area begin??
As soon as the necessary building permits have been obtained for the two construction projects. This are on the way.

How do you envision the future use of the baren-brau site in the city center??
The city is not the owner of the site and therefore has little influence on the planning process. My vision is a cultural and communication center with a meeting house, guest house, youth center and senior citizens' cafe, as well as a small communal brewery.

How can we succeed in keeping young people in the city??
Our task is to create the framework conditions or. To continuously improve these, such as. B. Qualified jobs, housing supply and quality, childcare facilities, school diversity, optimal broadband supply, cultural offerings, the attractiveness of our town and villages, involvement in local clubs, good infrastructure, good connections to the public transportation system. To create the conditions for young people to feel at home here.

What can be done to make it easier for businesses to settle here??
In the town of bad staffelstein, you will find attractive commercial sites close to the A 73 highway, efficient and reliable cooperation partners, an excellent infrastructure in all areas, and other business-friendly conditions. The excellent transport connections of bad staffelstein ensure that the most important economic centers of central and southern germany as well as the neighboring countries in eastern europe can be reached quickly. Competent support and shortest administrative paths are guaranteed.

The focus remains on the establishment of a TCM center?
Yes, the first talks on this subject have already been held. Both groups of investors have interest expressed and elections already doctors or. Therapists who have to meet the requirements for "recognition" comply with german law. Our task will be to help with the residence permit and the work permit.

What infrastructure projects (road construction, sewerage) are urgent in the whole city area?
The projects already mentioned, the extension of the road at the spa park and the railroad station road. In the field of sewage disposal, it is the implementation of the general drainage plan.

In your opinion, what constitutes good youth work??
Taking the concerns of our young people seriously and responding to their needs as far as possible in terms of personal responsibility, participation and self-determination. To create a platform for them. To maintain contact with the youth and to keep in touch with them. This then leads to the following fields of action.

How will the city support the work of the association in the future??
As in the past, also through non-material and material assistance. The increased recognition of volunteer activities, e.G. The. B. Through the introduction of the honorary card at the district level. By demanding youth work in the associations and attendance at meetings and festivals.

Are the kindergartens and schools well enough equipped??
What does good enough mean? There is nothing that could not be better. But in all five childcare facilities, renovations and expansions were carried out with the support of the city or by the city itself in order to adapt the facilities to current needs. Also in our schools constantly necessary maintenance and improvement measures are converted in coordination with the school lines.

Do you have a personal motto that guides you??
My most important goal is that the citizens of bad staffelstein feel comfortable and enjoy living here. Furthermore, all guests should enjoy a pleasant and relaxing stay, go home enthusiastic and come back with pleasure. This determines my thinking and my actions.

Dietmar zwillich, 53 years old, married, two children, is the chief executive officer of the city of weismain. He is entered in the race by the free voters and the SPD.

FT: what makes bad staffelstein fit for the future??
Dietmar zwillich: bad staffelstein is definitely fit for the future in terms of foreign traffic. However, everything possible must be done to make the city more livable for the population, e.G., to improve the quality of life. B. By improving the conditions for families, developing and expanding the infrastructure and recreational facilities, and creating and maintaining jobs. In particular, the promotion of our city and the entire region must be strengthened in order to further increase the level of awareness and thereby also recruit qualified professionals.

How to keep the obermain-therme attractive?
The "zweckverband thermalsolbad staffelstein" in my opinion, he has acted correctly since his existence by maintaining and further improving the competitiveness of this – for the entire county – extremely important institution by making the necessary investments. Further investments in areas that are in demand – z. B. The expansion of the sauna area -, must follow.

When will the redesign of the bahnhofstrabe continue??
If I have my way – immediately. The prerequisite for this is, however, that a plan has been agreed with the local residents and retailers, that the state subsidies have been secured, and that the city's own contribution has been made available in the budget.

Which project, if elected, will you tackle first??
As said, the redesign of the bahnhofstrabe must be done urgently. However, the decrease must be combined with the redesign of the oberauer strabe and the future use of the train station – with the creation of handicapped accessible access to the platforms – in a "complete package" take place. I believe that the implementation of these measures is a prerequisite for attracting more day visitors to the obermain thermal baths in the city center.

When will the redesign of the kirchberger-geland begin?
The land was sold by the city to a private investor, the plans were already discussed in the building committee of the city. According to my information, the construction work will start in the near future; however, this is exclusively the decision of the investor.

How do you envision the future use of the "baren-brau-areal"? Before?
At present, the city has little influence on the use of the land, since it is also private property. The purchase of the present by the city would only make sense at a reasonable price, if at the same time a sensible use (z. B. "House of encounter or similar) is also possible taking into account savings elsewhere. A municipal brewery is not the ideal solution for me.

How can we succeed in keeping young people in the city??
An initiative to revitalize the city center involving residents and retailers is desirable in order to find solutions to vacant buildings and apartments with the knowledge of all those involved. This has also made it possible to provide suitable and affordable housing for young families and favorable retail space in the city center. But the recreational opportunities for families with children are also limited. An investment in these areas could at least partially remedy the situation.

What can be done to make it easier for businesses to set up in the city??
The economic demand of the state must be extended to the county of lichtenfels. In addition, it is also necessary to provide the necessary commercial space, especially for small and medium-sized crafts and commercial enterprises, through appropriate land use planning, as these companies are guarantors for securing jobs in the area.

Remains focus on the settlement of a TCM center?
The TCM center should not be written off, because it is the offer in the "gesundheitszentrum bad staffelstein" expanded and made more attractive. However, the framework conditions and legal requirements must first be created.

Which infrastructure projects (road construction, sewerage) are urgent throughout the city??
The sewer tree inspections, which were planned decades ago, have now been completed, and the water supply has been secured. In addition to the expansion and redesign of oberauer strabe and bahnhofstrabe, a damage register should be implemented to determine all necessary strabe renovations. But it would also be important to continue the village renewal surveys and the development of new building areas.

What do you think makes good youth work??
For me, good youth work means not only creating facilities for young people, but also planning and designing them together with young people. The same applies to events for and with young people. At this point: very good youth work is done in particular by the clubs, for which I have the greatest respect.

How will the city support the club's work in the future??
Support can come in many forms; not only financial, but also logistical and organizational measures that benefit the associations. With the introduction of the "volunteer card (e-card) or "juleica" ) (youth leader card) members can be won over and encouraged to take an active part in the club's work.

Are the kindergartens and schools well enough equipped??
Daycare facilities and schools are obligatory tasks of the city. Up to now, these facilities have always been equipped to the required extent by the city. If the leaders of the day-care centers and the schools announce need after better equipment, these desires are to be followed also in the future to the necessary extent.

Do you personally have a motto that guides you??
I do not have a slogan in the strict sense, but an inner attitude: the development of the city must be advanced together with the population to the best possible extent. For this, openness and transparency in all decisions are indispensable.

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