U.s. And north korea plan historic summit meeting

u.s. and north korea plan historic summit meeting

The hostile USA and north korea want to talk about a solution to the nuclear conflict at a historic summit meeting.

The meeting between U.S. President donald trump and north korean leader kim jong un is expected to take place "by may". Trump was prepared to do so, the white house confirmed on thursday evening, according to sudkorean national security adviser chung eui yong.

The agreement on the date and place could drag on for weeks from the U.S. Perspective. "This is going to take a couple of weeks to work out," U.S. Secretary of state rex tillerson said during a visit to djibouti. There has been an increased number of contacts through newly opened voice channels lately, the aubenminister said. "What changed was, in a rather dramatic way, his attitude. And to be quite honest, it came as a bit of a surprise that kim jong un presented himself so forward-looking in his talks with the delegation from south korea," tillerson said.

The meeting will be a "historic milestone to bring peace to the korean peninsula," said sudkorean president moon jae. If trump and kim meet after inter-korean summit planned for april, "full denuclearization of the peninsula will be set in motion".

Trump wrote on twitter that kim had spoken of denuclearization in talks with sud korea, not just a freeze on the nuclear stockpile. Rough progress was made, she said, but sanctions were maintained until a deal was reached. Time and place of meeting not yet determined, trump spokeswoman sarah sanders said. Washington’s key ally japan buried the "change" in north korea’s behavior.

Japan’s head of government shinzo abe said after a phone call with trump that he agreed with trump that this development was the result of continued high pressure on north korea by japan, its protectorate the u.S., south korea and the international community. China and russia also buried the looming meeting. "We are very pleased that north korea and the u.S. Have decided to take this step," said peking office spokesman geng shuang. Russia called both sides to full negotiations.

"This is a step in the right direction," said sergei lavrov, a senior minister in athiopia. "I hope it will take place."The meeting must pave the way for a resumption of political negotiations on the nuclear dispute on the korean peninsula, said lawrow, according to the agency interfax. Tensions in the region had escalated significantly in the past year after north korea tested multiple missiles and another nuclear bomb in early september, in violation of UN resolutions.

North korea says it can now attack entire U.S. Mainland with nuclear warheads. Kim and trump have repeatedly hurled insults and ridicule at each other over the past year . That had raised fears that the conflict could escalate, possibly even nuclear. Washington and its allies expect north korea to take concrete steps toward denuclearization.

A senior weiben house official said there was no talk of negotiations yet. It is first of all a face-to-face meeting, he said. The U.S. Government is not willing to reward pyongyang for talking, said the official, who asked not to be quoted by name. There is an insistence on full denuclearization, he said. They will not be satisfied with anything less. In the past months, the USA had pursued a "policy of maximum pressure" and imposed sanctions on north korea.

The conflict cannot be resolved militarily. But a diplomatic solution is extremely complicated because of the many parties involved. China and russia are also directly and indirectly involved. Sud korea’s national security adviser chung, who is currently in washington to brief the U.S. Government on talks with north korea earlier this week, said kim was eager to meet trump . "Kim has promised that north korea will refrain from further nuclear or missile tests," sud korea’s security adviser said.

"Sud korea, the united states, and our partners join in urging that we not repeat the mistakes of the past and that the pressure continue until north korea follows up its words with concrete actions," the security adviser said. Japanese defense minister itsunori onodera made a similar statement. North korea must show "concrete steps" toward denuclearization for dialogue to make any sense, onodera said.

After the talks in the isolated country, sud korea declared that kim had promised talks with the U.S. About his country’s nuclear weapons program. But pjongjang expects security guarantees. North and south korea also agreed on a summit between power leader kim jong un and south korea’s left-wing liberal president moon jae in the border town of panmunjom in april.

The agreement between south and north korea on a new summit meeting was already a major step forward in efforts to ease tensions. Next step would be direct U.S. Dialogue with pjongjang.

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