Will the explosion of the tsh be rewarded?

Will the explosion of the tsh be rewarded?

The TS herzogenaurach women’s handball team ended its somewhat uneven season in the 3rd division with an away game victory that was not expected to be this clear. League. In the second relegation duel, they finally prevailed after the 24:27 from the first leg and now enter the waiting loop of their league affiliation for the coming season.

It will depend on whether other teams from the 2. Or 3. League to withdraw, for example, for financial reasons, but this may still take weeks.

SFN vechta – TS herzogenaurach 21:27

In any case, it was the strongest away game of the watzinger team this season. While TSH had shown fluttering nerves in many a compulsory match when the chips were down, they showed an unexpected determination in this latest buildup. Even when vechta was temporarily in front by three goals (9:6, 17.), the impression did not arise that herzogenaurach could break in. Well adjusted to the opponent and driven by lisa neumann (right back) and sarah stephan (left wing), who had both been absent in the first leg, the guests equalized in the 22nd minute. Minute to the 9:9 from. After that, she kept the home-strong lower saxons at arm’s length.

Where TSH otherwise too often showed mental weaknesses, this happened here to the opponent. The few fans of the mittelfranken team who had come along were first stunned and then thrilled to see how the team proved its third-league credentials. After the 19:12 (41.) for herzogenaurach, vechta shortened the lead to 15:20 in front of almost 300 spectators, but the guests were no longer impressed.

The herzogenaurach coaching team had prepared to shadow sfn driver leonie wobking very closely if necessary, but that was not necessary. Although the left-hander threw eight goals, four of them were seven-meter shots. And that was too little. TSH again had more personnel alternatives on defense than in the first leg and, with martina ebersberger, a goalkeeper who outgrew herself: 46 percent of shots saved is a top value, which increasingly unsettled the vechta attack. And towards the end of the game, ebersberger again contributed to the victory with a goal of his own from a distance of around 37 meters.

Coach klaus watzinger also praised the exemplary attitude of team leader nina bestle: "it was remarkable how she held the team together during the difficult weeks." Amelie theobald also earned special praise on the right wing. "You can see what i meant when i talked about the personnel dilemma in the game against chemnitz, in which we gave away our second real chance to stay in the league. Today we were, except for jana lichtscheidel, sakia probst and carole mittelheisser completely, hopefully this will be rewarded yet."

However, he will no longer profit from this: while co-coach mirko scholten wants to concentrate on his work with TV erlangen-bruck, watzinger is not undisputed in the team and will therefore end his commitment – which was originally intended to last for two years – already now.

The background of the game will be explained next week by the departmental managers. Both coaches said goodbye to the team right after the game in vechta. This should perhaps prove to herself and the department management that she is right with this serious decision. Especially after this explosion of performance in the last – possibly trend-setting – game of the season was achieved with these two coaches. Hopefully this did not come too late.
TSH: ebersberger (1), gerling – stephan (7), wedrich (4/2), bestle (3), schneidereit (1), mergner, lang (2), erdmann, theobald (3), kuffner (2), neumann (4)

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