Work on the elevated tank is still in progress

Work on the elevated tank is still in progress

Karl-heinz hofmann for the haig district of the stockheim mining community, the supply of drinking water from its own elevated reservoir is currently being made possible by construction measures. During a site inspection with chamber eva schiebwohl and water master werner loffler, burgermeister rainer detsch looked back on a burgers’ meeting in haig. At the time, he had called a meeting specifically to discuss the issue of drinking water supplies, because there was a great deal of unrest among the population about the state of drinking water supplies from their own wells in haig.

"Yes, there is a need for action to rehabilitate the haig drinking water supply", detsch stated at the time. Out of concern for the quality of the drinking water, he has had the haig elevated tank, which is fed from two sources, taken off the grid. He could not justify continuing to run the drinking water supply from the high reservoir. The haiger springs supply very high quality water, but the technology used to treat it is not up to date.

Completion in spring

In the meantime, this has changed, as the mayor now made clear during the inspection. In the meantime, the entire high reservoir, which is 57 years old, has been completely renovated inside and out. The high reservoir is used to collect and treat spring water from the tranktrog and erlenbrunnen springs. Both sources supply around 60,000 cubic meters of fresh water to the treatment plant, from where around 20,000 to 26,000 cubic meters are taken by the consumer".

The completion of all work is expected around the end of march 2020. The cost estimate is currently around 275,000 euros.

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