The kulmbach art scene has gained a new studio

the kulmbach art scene has gained a new studio

You could almost think that a small artists’ quarter was establishing itself around the town hall. Last thursday evening marion kotyba opened her new studio with attached gallery in oberhacken 3 and invited to a vernissage at the same time.
In addition to their own works, the numerous visitors could admire iron sculptures by ralf vizethum from mistelgau. The artist knows how to breathe life into the rigid form of iron, to give it something soft, a different expression. He began sculpting with wood at the age of ten: "that’s when I made my first bull." He carved more figures out of wood and really got into it at 18. "I like the smell of iron and enjoy working in my forge studio."
Vizethum is close to nature, lives on a farm and gets his inspiration from there.
Marion kotyba met ralf vizethum at the annual exhibition of the association of french artists. "There his iron sculpture ‘stromung’ stood exactly in front of my picture, and that harmonized perfectly." Her coarse flat works in the current exhibition are reminiscent of snapshots from outer space, awakening in the viewer the idea of being able to dive into the picture. "Thanks to my training as a technical textile assistant, I know a lot about chemical processes, and that’s to my advantage", said kotyba, whose expertise allows her to predict certain outcomes. "I am very eager to experiment."
In her new studio, which she restored in record time, courses for children and adults will be offered in the future. In 2018, for example, seminars will be held on the topics of "rust&" aging", "experimental painting" or "moods of the clouds and the sky. Marion kotyba particularly enjoys working with children. "Children today often forget how to think freely, art according to scheme F is not my thing." It is important to develop one’s own ideas, because anything that is created under duress cannot be good from a creative point of view. "The children like to come to my classes because they can let their imagination run wild here."
The current exhibition is open until 31. December on view wednesdays from 10 a.M. To 2 p.M., fridays from 2 p.M. To 6 p.M. And saturdays from 11 a.M. To 4 p.M.


Much theater with the villa kamilla

Much theater with the villa kamilla

At the beginning of the new year, untersambach is back in the theater. The amateur actors of the "new untersambacher stage" play with the comedy "villa kamilla" a piece that promises for the audience again a lot of laughs. On the weekend 13. And 14. January, as well as on 20. January are the findings.

With it are again some actors of the occupation preserved for years. Not on stage this time is sabine frohlich, who is absent due to surgery on her fub. As an actress, anyway, for that she has taken over the direction of the three-act play. Gladly she had buried beside this year for the first time yvonne heumann further newcomers in her troupe.

"We’re a little short of new blood, especially the male cast," says the director, who is also chairwoman of the village community, looking at the cast. Five of the seven actors are female, a suitable stucco was selected. It is easier to find someone to help in the hall than on the stage, but it is hoped that this will change.


Burger initiative calls for traffic circle in sudwest

Burger initiative calls for traffic circle in sudwest

"As a car driver, i'm always afraid that a cyclist will push out of the graf-arnold-strabe", says a resident. Another said, "I don't send my kids across this intersection alone"." – "we can wait for it, that it cracks there once quite bose", someone still calls.

It is the evening when a newly founded burgers' initiative has invited people to meet at the klemens-fink-gehorlosensportcenter. From its parking lot, one can look directly at the stone of the anstobe – or more precisely, the intersection of the anstobe: where the babenbergerring, graf-arnold-strabe and wurzburger strabe meet. This area should be redesigned by the city of bamberg, if the citizens' initiative has its way.

Because the 50 or so listeners who came are concerned. You live in the new construction area and the surrounding area, you pass the intersection by car, bicycle or as a pedestrian.
It's not safe for any road user, they say. "With a stroller you can't fit on the small island in the middle of the lane", a resident complains "the parents are standing at the back of the street." A bicyclist reports angrily that she now yells at left-turning motorists when they take her right of way again.


Sport shows solidarity with philippines

sport shows solidarity with philippines

On his facebook profile, the german-filipino player posted a picture with the words "the filipino soul is stronger than any typhoon". "I am naturally shocked and deeply saddened by the terrible news and pictures from my home country. I pray for my brothers and sisters in the philippines," the 27-year-old told the dpa news agency.

Schrock is currently in calcutta with the national team. This team is coached by german michael weib (48) and will face the indian national team in a test match on friday. A cancellation is obviously not up for debate. "I was told that the game will be broadcast in the emergency shelters and that there are many public viewing opportunities – that’s why this game is under a very special star for us," explained the frankfurt native, who holds the citizenship of his philippine mother as well as that of his german mother.

Schrock doesn’t have to worry about family members: "thank god my family is not directly affected, but members of my philippine national team unfortunately are."


Dihk wants to abolish health fund again

Dihk wants to abolish health fund again

The DIHK is no longer willing to accept that contribution payers are not benefiting from premium cuts despite the current surplus of around 20 billion euros – and is therefore calling for legislative consequences in a paper obtained by the "handelsblatt" and the news agency dpa. Since 2009, all health insurance funds have been subject to a standard contribution rate of 15.5 percent. This is detrimental to the competition. The health insurers also see it this way.

"The statutory health insurance funds should once again be able to set their contribution rates individually, so that cost differences between them once again become more easily visible," deputy managing director achim dercks told the newspaper. "This stimulates competition and insured persons and companies benefit from clear price signals."

In the long term, the DIHK calls for the introduction of a capitation fee independent of income. In view of the growing number of people receiving benefits and the shrinking number of people paying contributions, the current wage-dependent system would inevitably lead to rising contribution rates. This can be prevented only by a lump sum premium. SPD, left and green parties reject this as antisocial, because it would mean that a janitor and his director would have to pay the same amount for health insurance.


Inauguration of “sterzermuhle”: hydroelectric power plant in the middle of bamberg goes online

inauguration of 'sterzermuhle': hydroelectric power plant in the middle of bamberg goes online

To "the blessing from on high of course he does not want to do without in catholic bamberg, explained munich entrepreneur johannes kraus to his guests at the funeral. So even before the builder, together with mayor andreas stark (SDP), pressed the symbolic start button for the hydroelectric power plant, prayers were first said. Cathedral chaplain markus kohmann blessed the modern plant, which will henceforth produce eco-electricity for around 300 bamberg households. "With my own little water power plant", joked the clergyman with a view to the holy water. The celebration later took place on the future visitors’ terrace of the world heritage visitors’ center.

A bumpy road

In his speech, kraus once again summed up the "sometimes bumpy road", he had walked together with the water management office, the city of bamberg, architect heinz rosenberg and all those involved. Despite all this, the project was successfully completed in a relatively short period of time – from the first idea, the "initial funding", to the completion of the project in january 2014 about the start of construction in autumn 2016 – to realize. After completion of the hydroelectric power plant on schedule, the building for the future world heritage visitor center and the planned catering business should be handed over to the tenants in about six months. The construction project was somewhat delayed due to the pending sheet piling and archaeological work on the oak piles at the site of the lower mills.

But at the end of the year, the "last eyesore" is to be completed the city will then be completely gone, says kraus. At least the topping-out ceremony for the modern new building was celebrated yesterday in the course of the inauguration of the hydroelectric power plant. In his ceremonial address, district master craftsman manfred amon focused on the future versatility of the building, where renewable energy, world cultural heritage and physical well-being will all be housed under one roof.


To narrow the gap between rich and poor

To narrow the gap between rich and poor

The main part of the election campaign takes place during the vacations – is that a blessing or a curse??
The vacation season makes it more difficult to reach people and talk to them. Also, the events on the occasion of the elections (for example, panel discussions) are rather poorly attended.
Whether this has to do directly with the vacation season or is due to a lack of interest on the part of the electorate, I cannot answer. But we have to get people more enthusiastic about democracy in general, and it is rather a hindrance if many are simply on vacation during the election campaign. Whereas, of course, political opinion-forming and dialogue with the people should take place independently of the election campaign.

What do you want to achieve in berlin for the region??
I would like to achieve that the region in bavaria has a better demand and a better quality so that it has better prospects for the future. This includes above all infrastructure projects. But also the demand gap to the new federal states must be reduced, so that companies invest again on the bavarian side of the former border region and create jobs or. Staying alive. And we must counter demographic change and create incentives for young people to stay in the region.

Where do you see the biggest challenge in the next legislative term??
To narrow the ever-widening gap between rich and poor and to make it possible for the socially weaker in this country to live a decent and reasonable life.


Two steps to the werder rescue: “a lot invested”

two steps to the werder rescue: 'a lot invested'

Twice more "all in" for the rescue! After the last-minute jump into the relegation, werder bremen wants to avoid the first relegation in 40 years in the two decisive games against the second division third 1. FC heidenheim finally avert.

"We have invested so much, it has cost so much energy and strength, no one here wants to give it away," said werder coach florian kohfeldt on wednesday ahead of the first leg at weserstadion on thursday (20.30 hrs/DAZN and amazon prime).

After the brilliant 6:1 on the last matchday against the 1. FC koln’s mood has improved considerably at the traditional club, which has been in a constant state of crisis this season. Whereas dreariness and skepticism previously prevailed at the weser, there are now traces of a new euphoria. But this can also become a danger, which is why kohfeldt felt compelled to remind everyone of reality. "We still have our backs to the wall. It’s only about these two games. You can’t correct anything after that," kohfeldt said. "More ‘all in’ (full commitment) is not possible."


Fur krum pays in basement derby against altbessingen only victory

The habberg clubs in the fubball district league of lower franconia east are off to a flying start. After two defeats over easter, FSV krum (14.) in the fight for the class preservation on sunday (15 clock) the DJK altbessingen (13.) guest. After 0:12 goals – 0:5 in krum and 0:7 against FT schweinfurt – the DJK dampfach (6.) at TSV munnerstadt (12.) demanded. FSV krum – DJK altbessingen after two weak performances at easter the krumer stand with their backs to the wall. "We lacked the necessary bite. Lastly, the boys love dedication and will miss in parts where more was possible", argues FSV department head marco schorr. Now guest in the zeiler local part with the DJK altbessingen (13./27 points) the team that holds the relegation rank and is right in front of krum. And DJK, according to schorr, had understood what it was all about, as the youngest results showed. The promoted team from main-spessart picked up four points on easter, including against fourth-placed oberschwarzach.

Schorr: "i don’t know if it’s that easy to flip the switch, and if the guys can fight relegation." The team konne against everyone points and has the potential, as jungst against dampfach seen, but they must also show it again. TSV munnerstadt – DJK dampfach

"The team is totally unsettled after conceding twelve goals in two games", female horst dombrowski of the djk dampfach about the battered condition of his kickers. So it is with mixed feelings that the team travels to TSV munnerstadt, which has gained some breathing space in the relegation battle with a 2-0 win in krum. Dampfach’s playing co-coach paul tudor hopes that his boys will remember their strong points despite being absent due to injuries and work commitments. Ar


Modified clarification system pays off

Modified clarification system pays off

In the last meeting of the market community council before this year’s municipal elections, the committee in zapfendorf dealt with the conversion of the clarification plant to digestion. Seven months later, the study needed to apply for the grant was presented – and it was unanimously decided to implement the plan. The rehabilitation of water and wastewater networks is also making good progress in zapfendorf.

Arne nath from hartfelder ingenieurtechnologien gmbh was now again a guest at a municipal council meeting. He had brought with him the potential analysis, which should enable the market town of zapfendorf to obtain funds from the rzwas ("guidelines of the bavarian state ministry for the environment and consumer protection for grants for water management projects") as well as from the so-called "municipal guidelines" to be obtained. This demand program is particularly concerned with the reduction of CO2 emissions . The study includes both an inventory with a detailed description of the current system and an examination of the individual system components, including an energy check.

The study roughly coincides with the information nath had already presented in march. Some parts of the system are gross energy consumers and are no longer state of the art, so that replacement is worthwhile in the medium term. However, zapfendorf had particularly high savings potential with the conversion to digestion: high energy savings were possible due to the upstream sedimentation tank, which does not cause any energy waste and already binds more than 20 percent of the sludge, as well as due to the shorter throughput time in the subsequent aeration tank. And the clear gas produced could be used to generate electricity, which was more than sufficient to operate the clear plant.