Bayreuth gasoline significantly cheaper

Bayreuth gasoline significantly cheaper

With these prices, some people in kulmbach who fill up their cars are swallowing. A liter of super E 5 often cost just under 1.50 euros this week. In times of high fuel prices, nothing unusual, but still surprising, because: in the neighboring town of bayreuth, you can fill up a lot cheaper.

While diesel prices have meanwhile come closer together – a liter was recently available in both cities for just over 1.30 euros in some cases – the price range for gasoline is still often very wide. On friday around 12 o’clock there was in bayreuth super E5 for 1.34 euro, the cheapest in kulmbach was the gas station in melkendorf with 1.48 euro. A whopping 14 cent difference.

Commuters who travel between bierstadt and wagnerstadt are amazed every day when they look at the gas station displays. Like wolfram brehm, who travels between bayreuth and kulmbach for his job. "In bayreuth, the liter is often ten cents cheaper. If you fill up there, you can quickly save five euros," emphasized panzer, says brehm, who regularly checks the gasoline app to compare fuel prices. "There were times when gasoline was cheaper in our country. Now we kulmbachers have been left behind for what feels like a quarter of a year." He can’t explain the rough regional price fluctuations.

Why the people of kulmbach pay the price? We checked with the mineral oil companies. The result could be summarized as follows: the people of kulmbach are just unlucky.

According to detlef brandenburg, press spokesman for aral AG, fuel prices are basically controlled from the central offices. According to regional aspects. It is not unusual, however, that the prices in neighboring towns such as kulmbach and bayreuth differ greatly. What is the reason? According to brandenburg, there are submarkets in which the competitive situation is different. The pressure of competition in bayreuth could be quite different from that in kulmbach.

Fine-tuning on site

According to him, the fine-tuning is done on site. If there is a gas station that pursues an aggressive pricing policy, neighboring suppliers often have to follow suit in order to remain competitive. Due to the market transparency, it is easy to get an overview via the various internet portals. But even the traditional way is not out of fashion. In other words, a service station operator looks around in his region to see which station is selling fuel at which price and reports this to the aral headquarters in bochum – if necessary with a request to lower the price. According to brandenburg, whether the reduction is made will be decided by the central.

A similar explanation is provided by niels wick from JET-tankstellen gmbh in hamburg. Gas stations were in a constant state of fierce competition for lower prices. Wick says that local competition is the reason for regional and local differences in fuel prices. A statement that may be understandable, but doesn’t help those who don’t commute and fill up in kulmbach. Because they pay for it. There are no price breakers in kulmbach.

A gas station leaseholder from kulmbach has no explanation for the development in the neighboring town. The man, who does not want to be named, feels sorry for his bayreuth colleagues, who could hardly work economically. He himself ("I get a maximum of four cents per liter") bought super E5 on monday for 1.37 euros. If he offered the liter as in bayreuth for 1.34 "I would pay on it". "This can’t go on for long, believes the leaseholder. For the end customer in bayreuth, the price war is positive, but for the service station operator it is a disaster.

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