Dispute over daycare fees escalates

dispute over daycare fees escalates


A large number of parents of kindergarten children had gathered in the effeltrich gymnasium for the municipal council meeting, as the main item on the agenda was the new statutes for the childcare facility. The parents' council does not agree with its content.

Against 19.15 o'clock then mayor peter lepper () announced: "your journey was in vain. We do not have a quorum because only seven of 15 council members are present."There have been some last-minute cancellations. The next meeting will probably be on 4. October take place.

To this situation of the handlungunfahahigkeit there is a longer prehistory. The chairwoman of the parents' council, daniela gerrards, explained: "already on the 12th of december. On july, the two new bylaws, the general bylaws and the bylaws for the fees, should be discussed in the council meeting. The committee then postponed the item until meeting date 26. July.

The changes rejected

Only on friday, 9. July, the parents' council had been informed about the topic, which has a right of consultation. He made a motion to adjourn the meeting because a qualified answer was not possible within three days. It was then agreed that a meeting would be held with representatives of the parents' council, the two council members of the kindergarten committee, the mayor and the kindergarten management. This explained the various changes in the new statutes. Towards the end, mayor lepper asked the parents' council if they agreed with the changes. According to gerrards, this has been denied.

The main criticisms of the parents' council are the uneven increase in fees. For the popular booking time of eight to nine hours, it is an increase of 24 percent over the fees as they were set in 2019. Since 2017, the monthly fee has increased from 122 to 133 euros (2019) and is now expected to grow to 165 euros. This puts effeltrich in the upper price range for kindergarten fees when compared to surrounding municipalities. Overall, the jump for the ten-hour care period would be even more serious: from 132 euros originally, it went up to 160 euros in 2019, and in the future it is to be 190 euros.

In addition, according to the draft statutes, there is a one-time admission fee of 25 euros, which is not charged anywhere else, and a monthly play fee of ten euros, which is also higher than elsewhere.

On the other hand, the kindergarten wants to save money. Early and late care should only be available if at least eight children are registered for it. This was previously the case for the time after 4 p.M. Some parents, gerrards explains, had booked the extra time just as a precaution, so there would be no problems picking them up if they needed longer to get home. Not least because of home offices, the children were still picked up before 4 p.M. From the side of the kita these had been argued as air bookings.

The parents' council also objects to the fact that the daycare center management is to be granted a far-reaching right of closure, especially in the event of weather warnings. "This exists at schools for the protection of children who go off on their own," gerrards said. But all the children were brought and collected from the kindergarten.

At the meeting of 26. On july, the daycare center directors elisabeth anderl and angelique wuttke presented the new contents to the council for the first time. After gerrards there were many questions. It was their impression that the mayor urged a vote. Only one member of the council voted against the changes.

Gerrards then responded from the audience seats that the opinion of the parents' council had not been presented. She was then given the floor after all. This resulted in many questions from council members. It was agreed that the parents' council would draw up a counter-list to the critical individual points and the daycare center management or the administration would justify their views in a pro-list. The topic is to be discussed again at the october meeting.

The parents' advisory council submitted its list on 22. August, but had not been officially invited to the youngest council meeting. However, head of the management board mario kuhlwein reacted with a statement on this listing. A pro-list, as demanded by the municipal council, does not yet exist.

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