Eu parliament votes to stop overfishing

Eu parliament votes to stop overfishing

This means that only as much fish may be caught as has grown again. However, this parliamentary vote is not yet final. Negotiations still need to be held with the EU governments.

Prohibition of lavish throwbacks. Almost a quarter of the fish caught (1.9 million tons per year) are thrown into the sea, dead or alive, because the fish have no commercial value or in order to meet quotas. The greatly reduced fish stocks are to be able to recover by 2020.

For parliamentary rapporteur and SPD member ulrike rodust, this was a "historic day for our seas". The vote ensures "that there can be an ambitious reform of fisheries policy". The reform should come into force from 2014. According to commission data, almost 70 percent of fish stocks in the EU are currently overfished.

The top fishing nations in europe are denmark, spain, great britain and france – in that order. Rodust rejected a clear separation of opponents and supporters of the reform. Spain and portugal also have adherents of sustainable fishing policies, she said. After this vote, a trialogue with the EU commission and the EU governments will be held to negotiate the contentious issues. Rodust said the language could last at least six months.

The german fishing association has buried the decision in strabburg. "By reducing fleet capacity, the percentage of overfished fish stocks in the northeast atlantic has already been reduced from 94 to 47 percent in the last six years, said the association’s executive director peter breckling. "Last year, the total catch for many stocks could already be increased again. This positive trend continues in 2013".

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