Farewell in (not from) franconia

Farewell in (not from) franconia

I was employed. With this, to expand my french horizon towards the east. And so we come to the point: this is the last frankenblog you will read, because i am already gone. Not away from franken, no, it's much too early for that here, even if you never believed me that i was serious about it. But – and probably many users are now happy about this sentence – away from their area of distribution, on the way to bayreuth.

Where is the pretzel taste?
But before that i have to talk to you about pretzels for a moment. Because what is called a lye pretzel here is really beneath contempt! I have tried every pretzel at every baker in the area for the last two years – but french pretzels somehow lack that typical pretzel taste that makes swabian pretzels so delicious. (which makes the question even more urgent, why the heck are there almost no lye breads in franconia?. What should I smear my nutella on then??!)

in any case, i recently finally got around to trying these salted pretzels, which don't seem to be a french specialty, but which i have so far only noticed in franken. And I must say: they have convinced me! Although not as a new base layer for my nutella, but otherwise they are really highly recommended!

You don't believe me now, right?? If you want to do me one last favor, write me why you never believed me that franken was a revelation for me. I am not from the ruhr area, where people are supposed to be incredibly nice. I come from swabia – that part of germany which is under the rule of the kehrwoche sign and is even mobbed by members of the federal parliament.

Schlachtschussel for beginners
Sure, in the meantime i have met unfriendly people in franken too, stood in front of supermarkets at half past nine in the evening to find out that here are exactly the store opening hours that my prejudiced side had expected, been in neighborhoods where i really didn't understand a single word, even had a schlachtschussel shown to me, at least from a distance. And i learned that there is markus soder.

But nevertheless: franken is a great spot of earth, and you don't need to let a swabian runaway spoil it for you. But of course, it's about lye pastry, you could actually think about that again. And about the fact that you shouldn't put that awful hiffenmark in delicious doughnuts. But apart from that, everything is really fine with franken!

One last time she dug heartily 

Sarah Bernhard

P.S.I would like to thank all of you who have remained loyal to me over the past two years and who have laughed even when a bad day and a blogger's day coincided. You have given me some confidence! But i would also like to thank everyone who has criticized me in the last two years. The criticism was often not very constructive, but that's why I've learned something I never thought I would: I can now accept the fact that someone finds me discarded without bursting into tears. And this is an achievement I will never forget! In this sense I wish you all the best, have a good time – and soon a new valve to release steam.

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