Gloss: writing to the easter bunny in corona times

gloss: writing to the easter bunny in corona times

Have you already written a letter? Supposedly, in our digital times, many people are rediscovering fuller and stationery. Writing letters as deceleration in decelerated times. This is what you need to know:

First of all, it takes longer to write by hand than to type on the keyboard. Three-finger-pen-grip instead of ten-finger-tap-system. And just delete an error is not possible either. So: cross it out and write a new one. Or buy tipp-ex. The old bottle has dried up for years.

For sending, there is no button to click, but an envelope that you have to seal (do not lick – risk of infection)!) and with a postage stamp (still in the house?) must be covered. Please do not forget the address and sender! And then you have to carry the thing personally to the mailbox. Possible to fub. – where was it again?

Then the recipient waits one or two days until this e-mail – real mail – arrives in his mailbox at home.

Writing letters is not difficult, only what and to whom?

Everything is not so difficult and appropriate for our current pace of life. Ware da blob not the content: what to write and to whom?

Volunteers in five towns and communities in the district of kitzingen have undertaken a first field test this week. They got a prefabricated letter, in which they only had to make a cross. More was not required for the time being. After that you only had to send the envelope. The address was already on it, marker not necessary. It’s called a brieahl.

Those who are beyond this initial stage can now start writing their own letter. For this, psychologists currently recommend a letter to the easter bunny (the one to the christ child was simply left without a reaction for too long).

You can write in it whether you are already coloring your eggs, what you want for easter, where the eggs or gifts should be hidden so that you can find them safely, but hopefully not the neighbor, and so on and so forth.

The whole thing is then sent to: mr. Osterhase, hanni hase, am waldrand 12, 27404 ostereistedt or to: oberlausitzer osterhasenpostamt, viebigstrabe 1, 02782 seifhennersdorf or to: osterhase, siedlungsstrabe 2, 06295 osterhausen.

Don’t worry: nothing can go wrong. If the easter bunny doesn’t throw away the letter right away, he might send back a few nice lines. Unfortunately, we can’t guarantee whether this year, despite the corona, he’ll come and hide eggs in person.

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